Area of interest

Emergency Services

Emergency Services is the public organizations that respond to and deal with emergencies when they occur, especially those that provide police, ambulance, and firefighting services.

Criminal Justice

2 Paths of Study
This program is designed give students experiences through hands-on course work. Provide exposure to the inner workings of the criminal justice system through field trips, advanced technological applications, mock crime scenes, and guess speakers from within the field. 

Emergency Medical Services

2 Paths of Study
Our short-term degrees and certificates launch you into a career. Some certificates can be completed in just one semester.

Fire Science

4 Paths of Study
Our fire science degree and certificates are designed to meet the needs of persons seeking entry into fire career fields. Some certificates can be completed in one year.


1 Paths of Study
Earn a Paramedic Certificate or Degree and Prepare for the National Registry Exam and Colorado Certification