Area of interest

Performing & Visual Arts / Humanities

Northeastern's Liberal Arts offers academic programs designed to transfer to four-year colleges and to prepare students for rewarding careers. Our signature strength is the ability to provide outstanding academic opportunities with a personal touch.


2 Paths of Study
Art at Northeastern is a "degree with designation," which means students can structure their associate's with a focus on Art History or Studio Art.

Guaranteed Transfer Classes

6 Paths of Study
Classes in the Guaranteed Transfer list will transfer to Colorado Four-Year institutions

Humanities & Literature

5 Paths of Study
Studying literature can assist careers in writing, storytelling, TV and film, advertising, public relations, and digital humanities.


1 Paths of Study
The Music and Recording Program prides itself in preparing students for the music careers of the present and the future. 


1 Paths of Study
Those who are committed to figuring life out, finding themselves, and lifelong learning, tend to be more content with their life and with their relationships.


1 Paths of Study
The theatre program is designed to give students a firm foundation in the basics of the theatrical craft. Coursework combines theatrical work and practical on-stage experience. Northeastern theater productions are open to all students regardless of major.