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ATTENTION STUDENTS:  All attempts are made to ensure the accuracy and validity of this schedule.  Courses may be added, dropped or altered to meet changing academic, instructional and student needs.

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Course Delivery Options

You've Got Choices!

Options for the delivery of courses at Northeastern are described below.  The Course Schedule lists how each course is delivered in the first column on the left side of the schedule after campus.

Classroom Based

Class meetings are on-site and in-person. 

Competency Based

Student’s will have a fixed amount of time to meet specific competencies before receiving credit for the class. 

Hyflex/Hyflex with Lab

A highly flexible experience where the course is delivered entirely remotely in real-time, entirely in person in real-time, or a combination of the two.

Lab will require in-person attendance. 


Class will have some live in-person components, and some on-line components.  Percentage of on-line versus in-person can vary by class. 


Class is entirely online with no real-time expectations. 

Remote Hybrid

Class will have some live real-time remotely delivered meetings at pre-determined times and some on-line components.  Percentage of on-line versus remote-real time can vary by class. There is no scheduled in person attendance. 

Remote Real-Time

Class will be taught in real-time, with 100% remote delivery at pre-determined times. There is no scheduled in person attendance. Class will be 100% real-time live meetings delivered remotely via technology. 


On-site student meetings with on-site or remote instruction by use of technology.