Poole Hall Room 629 Landrum Lane
Sterling, CO 80751
• Double occupancy rooms (Community bathrooms)
• Co-Ed Hall
• A lounge equipped with a large TV & pool table
• Wi-Fi in all rooms & commons areas
• Laundry facilities
• Extra-long, height-adjustable, bunkable beds
• Phone and cable hookups in each room
• Wired internet connections (Ethernet cable not provided)
• Indoor mailboxes
• Secured building with key/ID access
Located on the west side of campus, Poole Hall houses 74 students. Each room features movable beds with two stationary desks, closets and storage. Poole Hall has one main lobby located on the first floor and small study rooms on each floor.
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ADA CompliancePoole Hall
Limited access is possible to Williams and Poole for visitors. Arrangements may be made in the other residence halls for specific disabilities after the disability is disclosed to NJC's Student Life Office.