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Non-Traditional Scholarships

Dinsdale Transition Scholarship
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This scholarship is specifically for female, nontraditional students (single parent, displaced homemaker, or over 23 years of age) who are in a vocational program of study at NJC. This scholarship is due on February 1st and can be used for up to 4 semesters of study. Up to four scholarships are awarded annually. For more information contact the Financial Aid office.
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Daniels Opportunity Award
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This scholarship is for Colorado residents who are Pell/Colorado Grant eligible and who have received or are working toward a GED diploma or who are of non-traditional age, foster care youth, juvenile justice youth, returning military or pursuing EMT/Paramedic training or Early Childhood Education.

Check back for application.

Single Parent Scholarship
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This scholarship is provided to single parents who are pursuing their educational goals at NJC.
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