Outside Local Scholarships

(Most Local Scholarship Applications can also be found in the Financial Aid Office. Some don't have links and can only be found in the Financial Aid Office.)

McDonald's work scholarship. Work a minimum of 15hr/week for 90 days and become eligible to receive $3,000 towards tuition. Please contact the Financial Aid office for further information.

Available Scholarships for CCCS Students here.

Reisher Scholars Program. A need and Merit based scholarship for Colorado students with financial need.

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships Deadlines Jan 31 (Annually)

  • Virginia Leyda Robersts Nursing Scholarship
  • Government, History and Political Scienve Scholarship
  • Elementary/Secondary Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Adult Advanced Education Scholarship

Logan County Nurses Scholarship Fund. Available only to residents of Logan County who have passed all nursing prerequisite courses and have been accepted into the nursing program working toward ADN, BSN or MSN. Deadline Feb 28, 2019

First Presbyterian Church RE: 1) Frances Melvin Elementary Education Scholarship 2) Fred and Sue Josties Memorial Scholarship to Hasting College. (Info in the Fin Aid Office) Deadline March 15, 2019

Weld County Livestock Association Scholarship. Deadline March 15 (Annually)

First Presbyterian Church. The Melvin Elementary Education Scholarship and The Fred and Sue Josties Memorial Scholarship for Hastings College. Deadline March 15 (Annually)

Centennial Mental Health Center Scholarship, for students in a behavioral health related field. Deadline March 16 (Annually)

The National Leader and Academic Scholarship. Students receive a $3,200 scholarship as well as paid-for registration, hotel, and food expenses for AFA Leaders Conference. Deadline March 17 (Annually)

Thayer Family Scholarship Program. Two $1,000 scholarships for students enrolled in a nursing, medical or clinical program, and plan to move to the NE panhandle region for employment upon completion of degree. Deadline March 18, 2019.

Brian H Greif Memorial Scholarship for those interested in pursuing a career as a Diesel Technician. 3, $5,000 Scholarships.

Bradley Samber Memorial Scholarship. $500 per semester (Math or Science majors) Deadline April, 1 2019

Logan County Colorado State University Alumni Association Scholarship. Deadline April 1 (Annually)

Gwenolyn S. Duran Memorial Scholarship. For a student in financial need enrolled in a legal program. Deadline April 10 (Annually)

Kenneth E. and Theda C. Anderson Business Scholarship. Deadline April 15, 2018

Chadron State College if offering ONE tuition waiver scholarship to an NJC student transfering to Chadron State. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Weld County CattleWomen to award scholarship. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Kurz (2) Renewable Energy $1,000 scholarship. Deadline April 15

Denver Mercy Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship. Deadline May 1 (Annually)

Student transfering to UNC. REISHER Scholars Program. Deadline May 9, 2019

Summit's Marketing $500 Scholarship (Based out of Colorado Springs, CO.) Deadlines May 15, 2019 & Dec 15,2019

Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya Denver Safe Driver Scholarship $1,000. Deadline May 31, 2019

Four States (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming) Irrigation Council $2,000 Scholarship Application. Students pursuing a degree in an Ag water and/or irrigation-related field. Deadline June 1, 2018

High Plains OCIA of Nebraska Inc. $1,000 Scholarship. Deadline June 1, 2018.

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association. Bill Martin and Tony Campman Scholarships. Deadline June 15 (Annually)

Find your Path Scholarship 2018 $500. Gillette WY. Deadline Aug 8, 2018

Daniels Opportunity Award Application. Deadline Sept 1, 2018 (Application in Fin Aid Office)(Available each year)

National Western Stock Show 2019 Internships. Deadline Sept 30, 2018

Apply for a Scholarship from Industry-Leading Web Development Compay in Denver. Deadline Oct 1, 2018

Monahan Single Parent Scholarship. For full time single parents who have a financial need. Application in the Financial Aid office. Deadline Nov 9, (Annually)

Colorado Conservation Tillage Association Scholarship for Agriculture, Ag Business, Horticulture & Agronomy. Deadline Dec 1 (Annually)


Online Scholarship Links


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