Outside Local Scholarships

(Most Local Scholarship Applications can also be found in the Financial Aid Office. Some don't have links and can only be found in the Financial Aid Office.)

McDonald's work scholarship. Work a minimum of 15hr/week for 90 days and become eligible to receive $3,000 towards tuition. Please contact the Financial Aid office for further information.

Available Scholarships for CCCS Students here.

Reisher Scholars Program. A need and Merit based scholarship for Colorado students with financial need.

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships Deadlines Jan 31 (Annually)

  • Virginia Leyda Robersts Nursing Scholarship
  • Government, History and Political Scienve Scholarship
  • Elementary/Secondary Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Adult Advanced Education Scholarship

Weld County Livestock Association Scholarship. Deadline March 15 (Annually)

First Presbyterian Church. The Melvin Elementary Education Scholarship and The Fred and Sue Josties Memorial Scholarship for Hastings College. Deadline March 15 (Annually)

Centennial Mental Health Center Scholarship, for students in a behavioral health related field. Deadline March 16 (Annually)

The National Leader and Academic Scholarship. Students receive a $3,200 scholarship as well as paid-for registration, hotel, and food expenses for AFA Leaders Conference. Deadline March 17 (Annually)

Gwenolyn S. Duran Memorial Scholarship. For a student in financial need enrolled in a legal program. Deadline April 10 (Annually)

Kenneth E. and Theda C. Anderson Business Scholarship. Deadline April 15, 2018

Chadron State College if offering ONE tuition waiver scholarship to an NJC student transfering to Chadron State. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Logan County Colorado State University Alumni Association Scholarship. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Weld County CattleWomen to award scholarship. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Denver Mercy Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Scholarship. Deadline May 1 (Annually)

Four States (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming) Irrigation Council $2,000 Scholarship Application. Students pursuing a degree in an Ag water and/or irrigation-related field. Deadline June 1, 2018

High Plains OCIA of Nebraska Inc. $1,000 Scholarship. Deadline June 1, 2018.

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association. Bill Martin and Tony Campman Scholarships. Deadline June 15 (Annually)

Find your Path Scholarship 2018 $500. Gillette WY. Deadline Aug 8, 2018

Daniels Opportunity Award Application. Deadline Sept 1, 2018 (Application in Fin Aid Office)

National Western Stock Show 2019 Internships. Deadline Sept 30, 2018

Apply for a Scholarship from Industry-Leading Web Development Compay in Denver. Deadline Oct 1, 2018

Colorado Conservation Tillage Association Scholarship for Agriculture, Ag Business, Horticulture & Agronomy. Deadline Dec 1 (Annually)

Outside Nationwide Scholarships

Free Scholarship Searches Page

Scholarship Search Platforms of 2018

Auto Tech Scholarship Opportunities

Visit College in Colorado for additional opportunities

The Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

Grand Valley Power Scholarship Program

College Invest 529 Scholarship.

The Queen City ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers

Boulder Auto Repair Shop Scholarship for a Boulder high school student.

Sachs Foundation African American Scholarships

The Denver Foundation Ambassador Scholarship

Colorado Women's Education Foundation Scholarship

Enhanced Insurance has provided a list of Scholarships from a number of different links. Please view those here.

Scholarships for Lation Students.  Ongoing Information

Empowering undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through these scholarships

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Online College Students

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Veterans

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Women

First Generation College Student Guide and Scholarships

Outside Student Scholarship Information

Disability Scholarships A-to-Z

Ongoing information and Student Financial Aid for Veterans.

Avant-Garde Moving Scholarship Deadline Jan 1 (Annually)

Colorado State Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship. Deadline Jan 15 (Annually)

Perfect Plants' Horticulture Industry Scholarship. Deadline Jan 15 (Annually)

The Charish "Design Your Future" $2500 Scholarship. Deadline Jan 1/June 30 (Bi-Annually)

White Rose LGBT Chapter Scholarship. Deadline Jan 15 (Annually)

Modern Parenting $2000 Scholarship. Deadline Jan 20 (Annually)

SeniorHomes Caregiver $1000 Scholarship. Deadline Jan 31 (Annually)

Open Listings "Take Big Risks" $1,500 Scholarship. Deadline Jan 31, 2018 and July 31, 2018.

A Smoke-Free World Scholarship. Dealine Feb 28 (Annually)

Centennial Collegiate Scholarship for Future Mental Health Professionals. Deadline March 16 (Annually)

OutdoorStack Annual Financial Aid Scholarship. Deadline Mar 30 (Annually)

The ATE Ballistic Helmet Scholarship Funds for students going into law enforcement career fields. Deadline March 31, 2019

LA FRA Scholarship. Deadline April 15 (Annually)

Pretty Photoshop Actions Bi-Annual Scholarship. Deadline April 15 & Oct 15 (Bi-Annually)

$1,000 Mastermind SEO Scholarship. Deadline April 20 (Annually)

Colorado Authors' League Memorial Scholarship. Deadline April 26 (Annually)

Scholarship Owl. Deadline April 29 (Annually)

GearWeAre $1500 Academic Scholarship. Deadline April 30 (Annually)

Golden Financial Services will award two scholarship, equal to: $1,000 each. Deadline May 15 (Spring) Dec 15 (Fall) (Annually)

Greasebook Annual Oil and Gas Scholarship for Women. Deadline May 31 (Annually)

Peck Law Firm Annual Essay Scholarship Contest. Deadline May 31 (Annually)

$1000 Art & Design Scholarship. Deadline May 31 (Annually)

10Edges Annual $2000 Scholarship. Deadline May 31 (Annually)

Waldo E Rennie Scholarship Fund (Variety of Scholarships) Deadline June 15, 2018

AudioReputation.com Annual $1000 Scholarship. Deadline June 15 (Annually)

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship Application Information. Deadline June 15 (Annually)

Laser Spine $1,500 institure Scholarship. Open from Aug 15 to June 15 (Annually)

typologycentral.com is offering an opportunity to win up to $2,000 in scholarship funding. Deadline June 23, 2018

Caring.com Student-Cargiver Bi-Annual Scholarship. Deadline June 30 (Annually)

All Top Guide $1,000 Scholarship. Deadline June 30, 2018

$4000 "Improving Education Through Digital Transformation" Scholarship. Deadline June 30 (Annually)

Marketing, Business or Communications Scholarship. Deadline June 30, 2018

Mattress Review $1K Scholarship. Deadline June 30 (Annually)

AllTopGuide creative ideas $1,000 scholarship. Deadline June 31, 2018

$5,000 Buffered Scholarship for Women in STEM fields. Deadline July 1, 2018

Island View Hard Money Lender Scholarship. Deadline July 1 (Annually)

Wise Merchant Scholarship Fund $1,000. Deadline July 15 (Fall) Dec 15 (Spring) (Annually)

The Sure Oak $1,000 Essay Scholarship. Deadline July 15, 2018

The Corban OneSource Scholarship Application $1,000 personal values essay scholarship. Deadline July 15,2018

Credit Sesame Financial Literacy Scholarship. Deadline July 31, 2018

Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP Announces $1,000 Scholarship Contest. Deadline July 31, 2018

CouponChief.com Scholarship. Deadline July 31 (Annually)

UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship. Deadline July 31, 2018

International Research Scholarship. Deadline July 31 (Annually)

California Nurses Foundation Sandra R. Spaulding Scholarship for students enrolled in the ADN Nursing program. Deadline Aug 1 2018

Life Coach Spotter essay/video Scholarship. Deadline August 1, 2018

Continental Smart Siding Supply $1000 Scholarship. Deadline August 1 (Annually)

The Center Gifts $1,000 essay schoalrship for a graduating high school senior. Deadline Aug 1 (Annually)

BigRentz $5,000 scholarship opportunity to a student in an engineering field. Deadline Aug 3, 2018

Home Reviewed Scholarship. Marketing Scholarship. Deadine Aug 5, Annually through 2020

Dream Home Design Scholarship. Deadline Aug 15, 2018

Opulent Jewelers $1,000 business essay scholarship. Deadline Aug 15, 2018

$600 Outdoor Gear Up Scholarship. Deadline Aug 20, 2018

$2000 SDBotox Essay Scholarship. Deadline Aug 25 (Annually)

Brian White & Associates $1,500 scholarship. No field of study restrictions. Deadline Aug 30

"Energy for Life" $1000 Scholarship. Deadline Aug 31, 2018

Camera Runner Photography Scholarship. Deadline Aug 31, 2018

Paul Martin's American Grill $1000 Scholarship. Deadline Sept 1 (Annually)

Apply for the $1,100 Laptop Runner Scholarship. Deadline Sept 1, 2018

Beldon Scholarship for students seeking a Degree in business, management, communications, marketing or related field. Deadline Sept 1 (Annually)

Joel House Scholarship for Digital Business Innovation. Deadline Sept 8, 2018

Votacall's Annual $2,000 Scholarship Essay Contest. Deadline Sept 15 (Annually)

$2000 On-Line Shopping Review Scholarship. Deadline Sept 25, 2018

Colorado Authors' League Memorial Scholarship. Deadline Sept 30 (Annually)

Pacific Prime's International Scholarship Program. Deadline Sept 30 (Annually)

$5,000 Scholarship for International Students. Deadline Sept 30, 2018

I Heart My School Scholarship. Deadline Oct 31 (Fall) Feb 28 (Spring)

BedSheetAdvisor Annual Scholarship. Deadline Nov 15, (Annually)

$1,000 Senior Living Scholarship. SeniorGuidance.org Deadline Nov 15, (Annually)

Latin American Educational Foundation 2018-2019 Scholarship. Deadline Nov 20 (Annually)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Scholarship. Deadline Nov 20 (Bi-Annually)

HostGator's annual Website Essay Scholarship. Deadline Nov 30 (Annually)

$1500 HostGator Website Scholarship. Deadline Nov 30 (Annually)

Entrepreneur Scholarship. Deadline Nov 30 (Annually)

Titan Machinery Service Technician Sponsorship Program. Deadline Dec 1 & March 1 (Bi-Annually)

Freshmen Video Contest Scholarship. Deadline Dec 1 (Annually)

Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship. Deadline Dec 10 (Annually)

Gun Safes Lab Annual Scholarship Program. Deadline Dec 12 (Annually)

UpCounsel's Law School Scholarship and Resource List. Deadline Dec 15 (Annually)

Annual $1,500 Scholarship to the child of a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. Deadline Dec 15 (Annually)

LiveViewGPS Scholarship Page $500 scholarship. "What are new ways people can use technology to change the world?" Deadline Dec 15, 2018

Food Gear's Scholarship for Commendable Students. Deadlines Spring Dec 15, 2017 and Fall May 15, 2018

$4000 "Improving Education Through Digital Transformation" Scholarship. Deadline Dec 30, 2017 (Annually)

Veterans Benefits $2000 Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

Technoxy $1000 Tech Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

Annual Go Green Essay Scholarship Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

The CNA Plus Annual Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

StyleWe Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

The Annual Kenneth P. Carp $1,000 Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

The ezDinero Latino Scholarship Fund. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

Toolversed Marketing Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

Scholarship of Hair Fashion. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)

BestGamingPC.com $1500 Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31, (Annually)

$1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest 2018 By BestMattressesReviews. Deadline Dec 31, 2018

"Travel makes one modest" $1,000 Essay Scholarship. International students welcome. Deadline Dec 31 (Annually)