The peer helpers team.The NJC Peer Helpers are a group of highly visible student leaders that promote healthy living and positive lifestyles through a variety of fun and exciting programs. Programs include "The Great American Smoke-Out", National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility, and the end of year Block Party. In addition to program planning, the Peer Helpers are also trained and certified through Bacchus and Gamma to help their fellow students with problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Peer Helper Scholarship

Developed in 1985, the Peer Helper Scholarship seeks to reward up to 12 students of high quality and scholarship who work as resource personnel with NJC Student Success Center. At the completion of required training phases, the cash stipend progressively increases and may renew for the student’s sophomore year upon a positive recommendation by the staff. Applications are available at the beginning of each school year in the Student Success Center. Three letters of recommendation, a personal statement of goals and/or experience, proof of academic achievement and a personal interview are also required. Selection is made shortly after the beginning of fall semester.

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For more information call Cindy Carey at 970.521.6676 or e-mail