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Career Development

Clarification of life goals impacts motivation and persistence in all students. Making decisions about your career or your college major can be a very trying experience. However, it is a task that should not be delayed. A college education is a worthy investment of your time and money, so you should set goals for your education.

The career development process entails these four steps or stages:

  1. Learning about yourself
  2. Learning about occupations
  3. Planning your education
  4. Searching for a job

It used to be that these stages followed in order, but not anymore. For example, in today's changing workplace, a student may go directly from "learning about self" to "searching for a job".

Check out the resources page for links that will connect you to resources to help you get started with your career/college major decision-making process. Always feel free to call the Counseling Office at NJC at 970.521.6663 or visit us in the Hays Student Center, room 132.

Learning about Yourself

Typically, the first step in discovering a career path that suits you is in discovering yourself. What do you like and dislike? What type of personality do you have? In answering questions like these, you are more apt to finding a career that will suit you.

Steps to learning about yourself:
1. Meet with a Career Coach to discuss and discover your interests, skills, strengths and personality.
2. Take a Career Assessment Test:
• Myers Briggs Type Indicator
• Career Exploration Inventory
• College in Colorado
• Humanetrics
• VIA (Strengths)
• Career Key
• Career Toolbox
• O*Net Online
• WetFeet

3. Meet with the Career Coach to discuss the results of your Career Assessment Test.

Learning about Occupations

When researching one or two occupations the search becomes easier. Become more familiar with the occupation by answering questions like: How long do I want to be in school? What type of classes will I have to take? How much money will I make? Where do I want to live?

Great resources to answer these questions are:
• America’s Career Information
• Career Builder
• Occupational Outlook Handbook
• The Employment Guide’s Career Center
• My Next Move

To answer questions related to your chosen career and education requirements stop in and see Northeastern’s Career Coach. If you plan to transfer look up what the transfer institution requires for your major.

Plan your Education

Planning your education is the next step towards your future career. 

Steps in planning your education:
1. Meet with your advisor and discover the courses required for your career.
2. Consider how you plan to pay for your education.
3. Make a semester plan, year plan, and graduation plan.
4. If your major requires, make transfer arrangements.
5. Look into the possibility of certificate and/or minor programs in your field of study.

Search for a Job

Searching for a job can sometimes be the most stressful part of graduating from college. Building a network of contacts has prov1en to enhance successful placement in the job market. Creating a network via websites like Linked-In can be a great tool towards finding a job. Internships can also be useful in getting your “foot in the door” of companies and job markets.

Building a resume, list of references, cover letter and practicing interview skills are all great tools towards successful job placement. Set up an appointment today with Northeastern’s career coach to create and refine these tools.

Great resources to find this type of information are:

• Job Information
• FedWorld Job Search
• America’s Job Bank
• Bureau of Labor Statistics
• Sterling Workforce Center
• www.Salary.Com
• www.Wetfeet.Com
• WorkBloom
• www.MyMajors.Com
• Directory Careers

Contact the Career Coach
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