NJC Career Resource Center

Hays Student Center Rm. 132

The NJC Career Resource Center has a comprehensive collection of print material, computer programs and video tapes to help you at every stage of your career development process. Services are available on a walk-in basis, but to insure that a counselor is available, making an appointment is the best approach. The Counseling Services Administrative Assistant can be contacted at 970.521.6663.

Listed by type of resource, here is a list of the materials available in the Career Resource Center:

Career Development Software

  • Comprehensive Programs: SIGI Plus, Discover
  • Career Assessment (by itself) Career Scope
  • Occupational Information: Occupational Outlook Handbook on CD
  • SOICC Career Reference
  • College In Colorado 
Internet Connections
  • All Colorado Colleges and University sites and selected out-of-state sites
  • Career Related Sites
  • Popular Employment Sites such as the Monster Board
  • Financial Aid Sites, for information and scholarship search
  • College In Colorado 
College Transfer Information
  • All Colorado College and Universtiy Catalogs available for checkout, viewbooks and applications are for the taking
  • Six shelves of out-of-state college catalogs and viewbooks
  • College directories, financial aid and scholarship guides
  • Guides to non-traditional program and course offerings
Printed Materials
  • Occupational guides such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Books, booklets and brochures on specific occupations
  • Employer directories
  • Books on resume and cover letter preparation, job search and fast growing occupational areas
Internet/Social Media


Below are a few links that will connect you to resources to help you get started with your career/college major decision-making process. Always feel free to call the Counseling Office at NJC at 970.521.6608 or visit us in the Hays Student Center, room 132.