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Searching for a job can sometimes be the most stressful part of graduating from college. Building a network of contacts has prov1en to enhance successful placement in the job market. Creating a network via websites like Linked-In can be a great tool towards finding a job. Internships can also be useful in getting your “foot in the door” of companies and job markets.

Building a resume, list of references, cover letter and practicing interview skills are all great tools towards successful job placement. Set up an appointment today with Northeastern’s career coach to create and refine these tools.

Great resources to find this type of information are:

• LinkedIn Jobs
LinkedIn Internships
LinkedIn Salaries
• Indeed
• Monster
• Headhunter
• Career Path
• America’s Job Bank
• Jobs Online
• Bureau of Labor Statistics
• Sterling Workforce Center
• Inside Jobs
• Salary
• Wet Feet
• WorkBloom
• MyMajors
• Directory Careers
• Masters Education
• Health Carecareers Now
• Nursing Jobs
• Nursing Explorer Careers
• Connecting Colorado
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