Clarification of life goals impacts motivation and persistence in all students. Making decisions about your career or your college major can be a very trying experience. However, it is a task that should not be delayed. A college education is a worthy investment of your time and money, so you should set goals for your education.

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Sadie Fritzler

The career development process entails these four steps or stages:

  1. Learning about yourself 
  2. Learning about occupations 
  3. Planning your education 
  4. Searching for a job 

It used to be that these stages followed in order, but not anymore. For example, in today's changing workplace, a student may go directly from "learning about self" to "searching for a job".

Check out the resources page for to help you get started with your career/college major decision-making process. Always feel free to call the NJC Career Coach at 970.521.6663 or visit us in the Hays Student Center, room 132.

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