Thank you for inquiring about attending Northeastern! An I-20 form, required to obtain an international student visa, will be issued when the following documents 1-7 are received on record and evaluated as acceptable. Admission of international students will be considered under the following guidelines. Students attending with special visitation groups will be admitted under separate admission guidelines.

The following must be provided:

1. Application for admission to Northeastern, with valid signatures, is required. The application must indicate which semester the student will begin.

2. Copy of Passport or National Identification Card.

3. Official and complete transcripts of all previous secondary and collegiate academic work with certified English translations, (if needed).

4. Proof of English proficiency if the student's native language is other than English, he/she must provide one of the following:

  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) showing a minimum score of 475 (paper based) or 150 (computer based) or 52 (internet based). 
    For information contact:
    Test of English as a Foreign Language
    Educational Testing Services
    PO Box 899
    Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA

  2. Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency showing a minimum score of 75.
  3. Recommendations from the English Language School with completion of Level 109.
  4. Completion of Level 5 advanced at an Intensive English Language Center.
  5. Graduation from an American high school after attending for at least two years.
  6. A student who has taken the STEP examination in Japan and holds a LEVEL II evaluation or above.
  7. Special admission wavier approved by the President of the College.

5. Statement of financial support for a particular program of study at Northeastern. Federal financial aid and scholarships are not currently available for international students and non-US citizens.

6. Family Health History Form and record of immunizations received.

7. A $500 non-refundable deposit to go toward tuition and fees once the student actually enrolls in classes. This deposit is required prior any processing of an international student application.

8. Proof of medical insurance must be provided or purchased prior to registering for classes. All non-US citizen students are required to have medical insurance for the duration of time they are enrolled in courses.

9. Payment of the remaining tuition and fees is due on registration or establish a payment plan using FACTS. Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of their U.S. Immigration Form 20 (I-20).

Note: International and non-US students can be admitted for one (1) semester as a "Special Student" with approval of Designated School Official; after one (1) semester, all regular admission standards must be met.

Additional information:

Student's country of birth__________________________
Drivers License #________________________________
State or Providence of License _____________________

Note: Once students receive their I-20 from Northeastern, they must obtain and I-901 form and pay the SEVIS fee at prior to embassy appointment to obtain a student visa.