Northeastern's Automotive Technology program is designed to prepare its students to obtain entry level positions in automotive dealerships and service centers. The students work on actual vehicles as they learn skills and competencies which center around A.S.E. and N.A.T.E.F. standards. Some of the areas and systems covered are machining, electrical, heating and air conditioning, suspension and steering, brakes, drive trains and axles, fuel and exhaust, transmissions, engine performance, and engine repair. The Auto Tech shop is well equipped with modern tools and analytical systems that will allow the student to go right to work when they complete the program.

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First year students are provided the tools they will require to perform the various lab assignments. Second year students are required to supply their own tools so they are ready to go to work after completing the program.

Both instructors are A.S.E. certified and bring many years of industry experience to the classroom and shop.

For more information contact:
Layton Peterman, Auto Tech Program Coordinator, at 970.521.6794 or e-mail
Jason Hazlett, Department Head, at 970.521.6798 or email