The agriculturist of today depends as much on his or her management skills as on production skills. This program provides individuals in the agriculture community with systematic instruction to give them the tools to make sound business decisions based on enterprise and farm or business records. As technology changes it is necessary to enhance skills to communicate with accountants, lenders and other professionals. With difficult profit margins in agriculture, guidance in being resilient to risk is valuable. 9 certificates are available to enhance the program of study or skills most needed.
Classroom for this program is offered online through Desire 2 Learn and individual instruction is held at the student’s home or business each month by instructor.

For more information on NJC Ag Business Management Program contact one of the following instructors:
Emily Mollohan 970.521.6762
Kala Doane  970.383.2461

Kelly Huenink - Program Coordinator 970.521.6782

Records and Business Planning Certificate

111 Course Description:
This course is designed to guide the student in the collection of necessary information to implement a computerized record keeping system.  Discussion will include computer terminology, application software, balance sheet concepts, accounting principles, computerized accounting reports, and business plan components. 

112 Course Description:
Course will concentrate on the implementation of a computerized record keeping system.  Emphasis will be placed on the application and maintenance of an accurate set of computerized financial records, use of a filing system, and compiling a business plan.

Financial Analysis Certificate

121 Course Description:
Actual enterprise cost analysis will be calculated to facilitate the development of whole business projected cash flow statements.  All facets of record keeping and updating of data will be emphasized, including refining and maintaining of a current accounting system.  This course includes the review and revision of business planning goals and objectives.
122 Course Description:
Business analysis through the development of accurate cost and market value accrual balance sheets for the beginning and ending period.  Emphasis will be on the measurement and analysis of changes between the two balance sheets.  Analysis will include the preparation of an accrual income statement.  Financial ratios will be generated to understand their importance to business analysis.  Data generated from an established record keeping system will provided the basis for the development of these accrual financial statements.

Commodity Marketing Certificate

131 Course Description:
Explores the terminology associated with commodity marketing and management of the risks associated with agricultural production and marketing.  Discussion will include cash marketing alternatives as well as the basics of utilizing futures and options contracts.  Includes the initial steps towards the development of a marketing plan.  Continued maintenance of an established record keeping system is a must to provide cost of production data for enterprises.  Cost of production figures for all enterprises will be determined.  These enterprise calculations will result in the initial establishment of a cost of production trend for all enterprises.

132 Course Description:
Marketing alternatives are explored in greater depth.  Price behavior will be analyzed using technical and fundamental analysis.  The marketing plan will be completed through the application of local marketing alternatives, futures contracts, option contracts, and price behavior information.  Cost of production figures for all enterprises will be calculated.  Includes the initial steps toward developing an enterprise trend analysis.

Marketing and Risk Management Certificate

135 Course Description:
The purpose of this course is for the student to conduct marketing research and analysis for the initial steps for developing a marketing plan.  The focus will be on defining markets, analyzing competition, identification of products/services, pricing, and customer wants and needs.  In addition, added value products and niche markets will be explored. The maintenance, refining, or implementation of system to provide accurate sales and expense information will be addressed.  Sale and expense calculations will result in the establishment of sale/pricing trends for all enterprises along with margin calculations.

136 Course Description:
This course will develop an overall marketing plan derived from marketing research and analysis conducted in ABM 135.  It includes a look at advertising, promotion, e-commerce, and risk management.  This will include the maintenance review of existing software used to track sales and cost information.  A trend of historical sales and expenses will be implemented

Web Productivity and Utilization Certificate

137 Course Description
Improved understanding and use of the internet for business productivity.  Emphasis will be on understanding and utilizing the tools available and the technical capabilities of the present business in order to develop a web use plan for the business.

138  Course Description
Focus is on the business web use plan.  Emphasis will be placed on the improved utilization of the Internet and implementation and refinement of the web use plan relating to business operations and industry.

Advance Business Management Certificate

141 Course Description:
Further in-depth financial analysis of the business.  Includes a review of existing financial trends and emphasis of pro forma activities for further analysis of the business. The maintenance of accurate accrual records and historical data provide the data basis for the pro-forma activities and measuring the business performance past and present.

142 Course Description:
Focus is on revision of the business plan on a periodic basis and strengthening of management skills by focusing on the five main sources of risk.  The student will be exposed to various methods of finding resource materials needed to keep the business plan current and to manage for the future.  The maintenance of accurate accrual records and historical data provides the foundation needed for analysis.

Integrated Management Certificate

143 Course Description:
This course focuses on the research and identification of data and software technology used in the business and industry.   In addition to software applications and data use, research will include areas in online opportunities, credit resources and reduction, and managing risks.

144 Course Description:
This course focuses on the analysis and evaluation of data and software currently used in the business.  The primary focus will be the development of a management plan that incorporates improved use of software and data through the integration of current and/or new software applications.

Rural Business Entrepreneurship

151 Course Description:
This course is designed to guide the student in collection of data necessary for a new venture business plan.  Focus will be on identifying the components of a business plan; defining the business and markets; identifying customer; and analyzing the competition.  A technological emphasis in the development of a plan will be used.

152 Course Description:
This course focuses on the financial component of the business plan.  Emphasis will be on the developing financial statements; making financial projections with support documentation; and identifying financing issues.  A technological approach will be used

Leadership/Human Resource Management Certificate

153  Course Description:
This course explores concepts and skills associated with effective leadership and ethics in the business environment.  Focus is on concepts relating to leadership and management, characteristics of functional teams, stress management and identification of human resource tools

154 Course Description:
The focus of this course is the evaluation and analysis of management practices in the current business environment.  Concepts in the development of a leadership and evaluation plan will be looked at.