Northeastern: Vision Scholarship

Award Amount

$2,000 Northeastern Vision Scholarship
($1,000 for each fall and spring term)

Limited Funds - Apply Early! 

Freshman Application for 2023-2024

Eligibility requirements for Incoming Freshmen:

  • Graduate from any Colorado high school outside of Northeastern's 5-county service area (Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, & Yuma counties; students graduating from these counties are eligible for the Hope Scholarship), or from either a Kansas, Nebraska, or Wyoming high school located within a 200-mile radius of Sterling, CO
  • Possess a 2.5 cumulative GPA after the 6th, 7th, or 8th semester of high school
  • Attend Northeastern full-time in the fall semester immediately following high school graduation
  • Completion of admission application, and issuance of a student ID number
  • Submission of applicant's high school transcript

To maintain eligibility each semester:

  • Must earn a 2.5 term GPA, OR earn a 2.0 term GPA plus log 50 hours in the Monahan Learning Center
  • Must be continuously enrolled as a full-time student each term

To renew scholarship for sophomore year:

  • Student must meet the above requirements AND do the following:
    • Sign a scholarship renewal form to return to Northeastern full-time for the second year; form must be submitted to the financial aid office by April 1, 2023 to secure scholarship
    • Student must register for second-year fall classes by June 1, 2023. Class registration for fall term takes place in April, and it is recommended that scholarship recipients register for classes as early as possible

The vision scholarship may be awarded up to a maximum of four semesters, and is contingent upon available funding. If the student does not maintain eligibility for scholarship renewal, the student cannot regain eligibility for subsequent/future semesters. The Vision scholarship is the last funding applied, after all other scholarships and grants have been awarded to a student. The Vision scholarship may be reduced and is not permitted to be disbursed to a student as a refund. This scholarship has limited funding, and will be awarded to students that are the first to complete all requirements listed above.