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Area of Study

Production Agriculture

Production Agriculture AAS

Associate of Applied Science

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary management and production skills required in the field of production agriculture today. Students seeking an occupation in farming or ranching will be able to pursue a variety of skills and competencies necessary to meet their individual occupational objective. This program requires 60 credits of course work and at least eight credits of required internship(s) for a total of at least 68 credits.

Written Communication

Total Credits 3

Choose one of the following courses.

Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Technical English & Communication 3

Focuses on the written and oral communication needs of students in vocational and technical fields. Enables the student to practice written, oral, reading, reasoning, and interpersonal communication skills in order to become successful (or to remain successful) in the workplace. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG0092 (ENG030 or 045 AND REA030 or 045 or CCR092) (“C” or better) OR appropriate placement score. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

English Composition I:GT-CO1 3

Emphasizes planning, writing, and editing/revisions of compositions, coupled with development of critical and logical thinking skills. This course includes a minimum of five compositions that stress analytical, evaluative, and persuasive/argumentative writing. This is a Statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-CO1 category. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG0092 (ENG090 AND REA090 or CCR092) (with a “C” grade or better) OR appropriate placement score. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Technical Writing I: GT-CO1 3

Develops skills one can apply to a variety of technical documents. Focuses on principles for organizing, writing, and revising clear, readable documents for industry, business, and government. This is a Statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-CO1 category. Prerequisites: Successful completion of ENG1021 (ENG030 or 045 AND REA 030 or 045 or CCR092) (“C” or better) OR appropriate placement score. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)


Total Credits 3-4
Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Career Math: Program Emphasis 3

Agriculture Emphasis - Covers material designed for career and technical students who need to study particular mathematical topics. Topics include measurement, algebra, geometry, statistics, and graphs. These are presented at an introductory level and the emphasis is on applications. Prerequisite: Successful completion of MAT0250 (MAT050) (“C” or better) OR appropriate placement score. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Ag emphasis or higher.

Natural and Physical Sciences

Total Credits 10
Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Animal Sciences 3

A study of the basic fundamentals of livestock production pertaining to principles of breeding, genetics, nutrition, health, anatomy and physiology of beef, sheep, swine, dairy, and horses. Other areas to be emphasized will be selection, breed classifications and identification, and the classification and marketing of meat animal products. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Introduction to PC Applications 3

This course introduces basic computer terminology, file management, and PC system components. Provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics. Includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Choose one of the following courses.

Practical Crop Production 4

Cultural practices and production management of selected field crops indigenous to the Great Plains region will be covered. Laboratories in basic crop principles, crop and weed seed and plant identification, crop improvement and grain quality and grades will be covered. (Contact hours-68) (3-1.5)

General Crop Production 4

Production and adaptation of cultivated crops, with emphasis on crops grown in the western region of the United States. Principles affecting growth, development, production, and use will be covered. (Contact hours-75) (3-2)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Total Credits 3

Choose one of the following courses.

Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Foundations of Agricultural business 3

Focuses on the foundational aspects of the primary agriculture business areas including economics, management, marketing, sales, and finance in an applied manner. Current events in agriculture are discussed with emphasis on application to agribusiness. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Agriculture Economics: GT-SS1 3

Focuses on economic principles as applied to agriculture through price discovery with producer supply and consumer demand, governmental policies, rural development, and resource management. This is a Statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-SS1 category. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Program Requirements

Total Credits 19
Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Computerized Farm Records 3

Provides hands-on experience with a detailed computerized accounting system. The activities will lead students through entering transactions that develop the financial statements. Time will be provided for exploration with different accounting software. (Contact hours-45) (3-0)

Farm and Ranch Management 3

Students will gain practical experience in applying principles of economics, marketing, and finance to the management of an agricultural operation. Students will create their own sample farm or ranch and emphasis will be placed on utilizing computer technology for budgeting and financial planning. Prerequisite: CIS1018 (CIS118) (Ag emphasis preferred) (“C” or better) or instructor approval. (Contact hours-60) (2-2)

Production Ag Internship 8

Student will be employed in a production agriculture setting. This work experience must cover a minimum of 320 hours with the student being involved in all facets of the operation. Guidance and supervision will be the responsibility of the supervising employer and Coordinator of Production Agriculture. Emphasis will be placed on records, managerial decisions, and production agriculture skills. (Contact hours-320, 40 hours = 1 credit)

Production Ag Capstone 1

Issues concerning transition into the family agriculture operation will be discussed. As a part of the course a seminar will be open to both students and parents (or future business partners) concerning issues of transition of the agricultural operation to the next generation. Topics concerning completion of the A.A.S. degree will also be addressed. (Contact hours-15) (1-0)

Feeds and Feeding 4

A study of the basic nutrients, common feeds, and feed additives fed to livestock, anatomy of digestive systems, and basic feeding practices for beef, sheep, swine, horses, and dairy. The lab portion of this class will be devoted to calculating and balancing rations to fulfill nutrient requirements for farm animals for growth, finishing, reproduction and lactation, and work. Prerequisite: ASC1100 (ASC100) (“C” or better) (Contact hours-75) (3-2)

Program Requirements

Total Credits 2-3

Choose at least one of the following AME courses.

Course Number Course Title Credits Details
Basic Ag Mechanic Skills 2

Includes safety, proper tool use, tool reconditioning, A.C. electricity, D.C. electricity, domestic water supply, and farm sanitation systems. (Contact hours-45) (1-2)

Farm Carpentry 3

Includes safety, hand and power tool use, farm building planning and site location, concrete, farm building design and construction, and materials of construction. (Contact hours-75) (1-4)

Agricultural Machinery 3

The safe operation, construction, purpose, maintenance, and adjustment of farm machinery are emphasized in this course. (Contact hours-60) (2-2)

Fundamentals of Welding 3

Designed to develop basic welding skills, principles, and practices in arc and oxy–acetylene welding. (Contact hours-75) (1-4)


Total Credits 27-28

Elective courses may be taken from any of the following course disciplines (prefixes): ACC, ABM, AGB, AGE, AGR, AGY, AME, ASC, AVT, BUS, DPM, EQM, EQT, HLT, IMA, MAN, MAR, RAM or WEL. Other courses may be approved by the Academic Advisor for use as elective(s).