Health Care Transfer Programs
Area of Study

Health Care Transfer Programs

Pre-Veterinary Science

Associate of Science

Written Communication (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
ENG121 English Composition I:CO1 3
ENG122 English Composition II:CO2 3

Oral Communication (3 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
COM115 Public Speaking 3
COM125 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM220 Intercultural Communication: SS3 3


Course Description Credits
MAT201 Calculus I: MA1 5

Natural and Physical Sciences

Course Description Credits
BIO111 General College Biology I with Lab: SC1 5
CHE111 General College Chemistry I with Lab: SC1 5
CHE112 General College Chemistry II with Lab: SC1 5
PHY111 Physics Algebra Based I with Lab: SC1 5

Arts and Humanities (6 Semester Credits)

History (3 Semester Credits)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 Semester Credits)

Suggested Electives

Course Description Credits
BIO112 General College Biology II with Lab:SC1 5
BIO201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab:SC1 4
BIO202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab:SC1 4
BIO208 General College Microbiology with Lab: SC1 5
CIS118 Introduction to PC Applications 3
CHE211 Organic Chemistry I with Lab 5
CHE212 Organic Chemistry II with Lab 5