Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Courses and Academics

Courses and Academics

Current Update

Updated 1/8/2021

Welcome to the 2021 Spring semester at Northeastern! We are excited to announce that most courses at Northeastern will run in a face-to-face format. There will be a few classes that will continue to run remotely to accommodate instructor needs. Additionally, the use of alternate attendance may be necessary to accommodation classroom capacity limitations.

During the Fall 2020 semester, Northeastern had no known transmission of COVID in the classroom and this is due in large part to the efforts our students, faculty, and staff. We are grateful for the diligent efforts of all our campus community members and look forward to a healthy semester as we all continue to do our part to ensure minimal transition of the virus by wearing masks and social distancing.

Please visit the Spring 2021 semester link for more information.



Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful break and are ready for a strong finish of the semester. NJC will continue operating as it had before the break. All lecture based courses will be offered remotely. CTE, lab, and some liberal arts classes will continue to run on-campus. Please check with your course instructors for any questions you have. 

Watch this site for upcoming information about the Spring semester.


On Wednesday, October 21st NJC made the decision to move all lecture based courses to remote delivery due the Logan County move to Level 3 and the increase in COVID cases on campus. All lab, hands-on courses, and career and technical education courses are continuing with on-campus delivery with strict COVID precautions in place. Our hope is to return all classes to on-campus delivery once the Logan County COVID numbers return to levels indicated for Level 2. 

Students should check with their faculty and/or advisor to determine whether their courses will be remote or on-campus.

Students living in the resident halls are encouraged to continue to live on campus but are not required to do so. NJC has a sufficient number of isolation and quarantine rooms and students occupying these rooms are being monitored to ensure their health and safety. 

Logan County COVID information


Welcome back! We are excited to have our students back on campus and are planning for a safe and healthy semester. This includes the use of flexible learning options, masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. Please check D2L for specific course information prior to starting classes on Monday. 


What does ‘flexible learning options’ mean?

To accommodate social distancing requirements and protect the health and safety of students and employees, Northeastern is planning for most classes to be in a traditional face-to-face format, some hybrid, and some remote. To break this down a bit, for classes that are full and scheduled in rooms that are at, or close to, maximum capacity, an ‘alternate’ attendance policy may apply. Meaning some students will be in the classroom while some are viewing live streamed content from elsewhere on campus. Hybrid courses will include regularly scheduled class sessions using technology combined with in-class sessions. Remote learning will be used the least with all content being delivered via the web and still include regularly scheduled classes. All students should plan to attend each class the first day. Individual instructors will determine the best fit for each class.

Will classes be online or in person this Fall?

Northeastern is not planning any fully online courses.  We are strongly committed to providing our students regularly scheduled classes with an instructor present that can be attended in person or via the internet.

Will sports continue in the Fall?

The NJCAA has determined that all competitive sports seasons will be played in the spring.  All student-athletes will have the opportunity to train and participate in some scrimmages in the fall.

How can I get updates on Fall classes, activities, and housing?

Stay in touch with us over the Summer, updates will be provided on this webpage as they become available. Students Services is available throughout the summer and can be reached at 970-521-6663.

Will the faculty be available over the summer?

Most faculty are not on campus over the summer. However, you can always reach someone in the department:

Agriculture/Equine: 970-521-6635 or

Applied Technology Campus: 970-521-6798 or

Arts & Humanities: 970-521-6754 or

Business: 970-521-6744 or

Cosmetology: 970-521-6734 or

EMS/Fire Science: 970-521-6708 or

Health, Math, Science: 970-521-6633 or

Nursing: 970-521-6707 or

Will Admissions staff be available for help and support?

Yes! Admissions will be available throughout the summer to help you plan for the fall. You can reach them at

Will the campus be open this summer?

Student Services will be open starting July 22nd. You can stop in and see someone for financial aid, records, registration, photo ID, books, cashier, or other general questions.

When will my Spring grades be posted?

Spring grades will be available after Monday, May 18th.

What do I do if I took an incomplete during the Spring?

Students have until December 2020 to finish out any Incomplete grades. You should work directly with your course instructor on the details of completing your work.

How can I get my transcript?

You can order your transcript at: Transcript Request.


(March 15) Beginning March 30th classes resumed online at Northeastern. Career and Technical (CTE), music, stained glass, and ceramics students may be required to complete portions of their program on campus later in the semester.

Programs that may require on-campus class time include:

  • Agricultural Mechanics (AME)
  • Automotive Service Technology (ASE)
  • Cosmetology (COS)
  • Fire Science (FST)
  • Welding (WEL)
  • Ranch Horse
  • Private music Instruction
  • Stained Glass
  • Ceramics

The above list of classes/programs is subject to change. Please check with your instructor for specific information.

Grading Options

Due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19 we realize students may not be able to perform at their optimal academic level. To help accommodate our students, NJC is providing several grading options.


Students who have completed 60% of the work for a class with a grade of ‘C’ or better, may request an incomplete in the class.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option

For the Spring 2020 semester, students may choose between a standard letter grade or the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option.

Key information students need to know about this temporary policy change:

  • Students may request a grade change to Satisfactory (C or better) or Unsatisfactory (D or lower) for any course taken in this semester.
  • Neither the S or U grade will impact the students’ GPA.
  • The students’ instructor will determine the earned letter grade prior to issuing the S/U grade.
  • Students will be allowed to request the S/U grading option between May 1st and 5:00 p.m. on May 29th.
  • If a student decides to request a change to the S/U grading option, the following steps must be taken.
    • From May 1st until 5:00 on May 15th – using the student NJC e-mail account, contact the course instructor to request the S/U grading option. The instructor for each course that the S/U grading option is being requested must be notified.
    • From May 16th through May 29th - using the student NJC e-mail account, contact the Department Chair for each course in which the S/U grading option is being requested. The name and contact information for the Department chair can obtained by contacting 970-521-6600 or email
    • After May 29th – requests will not be accepted.
  • Before the student makes a decision, they must talk with your academic advisor, athletic coach (if applicable), and any other college personnel necessary to ensure they make an informed decision and understand the potential impact of their decision. Be sure to do that soon, rather than waiting until the last minute. This will enable each student to receive individual attention. 
  • Changing to the S/U grading option could have implications for athletic eligibility, academic standing, course transfer, honors or awards, scholarships, grants, or acceptance into competitive programs or universities.


Our withdrawal policy has not changed and is still an option for students. Students may withdraw from a course until April 24th.

We hope that these changes in grading policies will help each student successfully complete the semester and remain on the path toward their goals. Students should talk to their professors/instructors about any extenuating circumstances they have.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to address issues and develop processes to ensure success for all of our students at NJC.

Linda Merkl, PhD
Vice President of Academic Affairs