RISE Grant

RISE Scholarship Application

Northeastern Junior College (NJC) is pleased to announce the Response, Innovation, and Student Equity (RISE) Scholarship funded by the generosity of the Colorado Governor’s Office.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a pathway for students interested in pursuing the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Nursing Pre-Requisite courses, or the Renewable Energy Certificates. Special consideration will be given to those students who are English Language Learners attending the NJC English Language Acquisition program (ELA) who have an interest in the healthcare or renewable energy field. Funding from this scholarship will first be applied towards tuition and fees for the program and may then be used to pay for other costs associated with the program, course materials and fees; childcare; transportation; required uniforms, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or equipment; background check (if required), or health related requirements. Scholarships will be reviewed by the Northeastern RISE Project Manager or their designee.

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Age 17 or older;  
  • Demonstrated financial need using one of the methods listed in the “Required for all students" section of this application.

 Applicants enrolled in the NJC English Language Acquisition (ELA) program will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • General applicant criteria listed above and
  • An ability to benefit as established by assessment through the NJC Adult & Community Education program (if required);
  • Demonstrated need to achieve the minimum English proficiency level as established by CASAS at a level 4 or higher;
  • Satisfactory progress in the NJC ELA program as demonstrated by;
    • Improvement after 40 hours of ELA instruction;
    • One (1) level gain after 100 hours of ELA instruction assessment through the NJC Adult & Community Education program.
  • Recommendation of the Director of Adult and Community Education

This scholarship may be used to assist with: 

  • CNA, Wind Technology, or nursing prerequisite course tuition and fees; 
  • CNA testing fees; 
  • Childcare costs needed to attend the program 
  • Transportation costs;
  • Required uniforms, PPE, and equipment (e.g. scrubs, watch with a second hand, etc.)
  • Required background check costs
  • Health requirements (immunizations, etc.)

This scholarship may not be used to cover costs:

  • Expenses listed above not covered by any other scholarship or grant (COSI, Pell, etc.)
  • Costs covered by school districts (Concurrent Enrollment tuition) 

By accepting this scholarship, recipients agree to attend regularly scheduled appointments with Student Success, the CNA Coordinator, or other College representative as appointed for the purpose of receiving the support necessary to be successful in their chosen program. 

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