Area of Study


Music Emphasis

Associate of Arts

Northeastern offers several courses for students who are interested in the study of music. In addition to courses in music theory, music appreciation, and computer music, students may elect to pursue individualized music instruction or to participate in Northeastern’s musical groups.

Written Communication (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
ENG121 English Composition I:GT-CO1 3
And And
ENG122 English Composition II: GT-CO2 3

Mathematics (3 Semester Credits)

Arts and Humanities (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
MUS121 Music History Medieval to Classical: GT-AH1 3
And And
MUS122 Music History Romantic to Present: GT-AH1 3

History (3 Semester Credits)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 Semester Credits)

Natural and Physical Sciences

Program Requirements

Course Description Credits
MUS110 Music Theory I 3
MUS111 Music Theory II 3
MUS112 Ear Training/Sightsigning I Lab 1
MUS113 Ear Training/Sightsigning II Lab 1
MUS141 Private Instruction - (specify) 1-2
MUS142 Private Instruction - (specify) 1-2
MUS151 Ensemble I: 1
MUS152 Ensemble II: 1
MUS210 Music Theory III 3
MUS212 Advanced Ear Training and Sight-Singing I Lab 1
MUS213 Advanced Ear Training and Sight-Singing II Lab 1
MUS241 Private Instruction - (specify) 1-2
MUS242 Private Instruction - (specify) 1-2
MUS251 Ensemble III 1
MUS252 Ensemble II 1