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Applied Technology Campus Expansion

Wind and Industrial Maintenance

Northeastern offers the only accredited wind program in Colorado.
Wind Student

Northeastern’s Wind Technology program is the only program of its kind in Colorado. The college has been educating wind power technicians since 2008, and has a solid reputation for graduating the best wind technicians in the country. Graduates of the program have skills to move into industrial automation and instrumentation careers. They also have the opportunity to move into manufacturing and other automated industries with the programming and technical skills they acquire in the program. Today the wind and power generation as a whole competes with these other industries for these skilled technicians. The ATC expansion will allow NJC to increase the number of wind students and while providing additional training options for industrial students. The new 4,342 square foot shop will allow these programs to continue to grow.

Wind Floorplan

The program has received a number of equipment donations from several wind industry companies over the last few years, but current facilities are not large enough to house or protect the donated equipment, never mind additional donations. Wind energy turbines and their component machinery take up an extraordinary amount of space, which is factored into the proposed design of the new wind shop.

The Wind Technology program averages 41 enrolled students, and has been the largest program at the ATC for the past five years. The program has a 70 percent completion rate, and graduates typically get offers of employment from companies throughout the U.S., including Hawaii. Wind program students at Northeastern come from several states beyond Colorado, including Connecticut, Oregon, Florida, Kansas, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New York, and Utah.