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iPad Rental Program


Students enrolled in eight (8) or fewer credits in a semester are eligible to rent an iPad through the NJC Bookstore. Students enrolled in nine (9) credits or more will be required to bring their own iPad or iPad Mini. The college decided in May 2015 to allow returning full-time students, who will graduate within the next year (Fall 2015 or Spring 2016), to participate in the college’s iPad rental program. This will most likely be a one-year program designed for those students who will not be able to take advantage of two years’ worth of iPad usage at NJC. The rental rate for an iPad Air II will be $180/semester.  Students who rent should read the rental and usage agreement carefully and be familiar with the requirements of renting an iPad.

Program Details

Eligible students will be able to rent an iPad Bundle that includes:

Cost: $180.00 per semester

For more details please see the Student iPad Rental and Usage Agreement.

Payment Options

Requesting an iPad Rental

Students must be registered for the upcoming semester prior to submitting this form. To register, contact the Student Success Office at 970.521.6663. To insure availability, rental requests must be received by August 1st for fall semesters and December 1st for spring semesters.

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions - Students using financial aid will be required to abide by these terms and conditions.
Payment Plan Terms and Conditions - Students using a payment plan will be required to abide by these terms and conditions.
Student Agreement - Students who charge on their account are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

All students will be required to sign an iPad promissory note. iPads can be picked up in the Bookstore.  View the ipad promissory note here.

Requests submitted 8/17/2015 or later: iPad arrival will not be guaranteed for the first day of school.

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