Q. Who is eligible for the Hope/Vision Scholarship?  (Return to top)
A.  New high school graduates from Colorado and returning NJC sophomores. 

Q.  How do I qualify? (Return to top)
A.  Two-part Answer:
1.  If you’re a new high school graduate with a 2.5 or better GPA and you are from the 5-County NJC service area (Sedgwick, Phillips, Yuma, Washington, and Logan Counties) then you qualify for the Hope Scholarship.
2.  If you’re a new Colorado high school graduate in Fall 2008 with a 3.75 or better GPA from outside the NJC service area then you qualify for the Vision Scholarship.

Q.   If I have Pell or Student need based grants paying for 6 credits, will Hope/Vision pay for the next nine credits (if I’m enrolled in 15 credits)? (Return to top)

A. In this case, Hope/Vision will pay for 3 credits for qualifying freshmen and nothing for qualifying sophomores.

Q.  If I have Pell or Student Need Based grants from Colorado that pay my full tuition can I apply the Hope/Vision scholarship first to my tuition and have more Pell money left over to use for other purposes? (Return to top)

A. No.  Pell and Colorado’s Student Need Based grants will apply before the Hope/Vision scholarship.  If those grants cover more than Hope/Vision then a student receives no additional benefit from Hope/Vision.

Q. Can I qualify for the Hope/Vision scholarship during Summer Semester?  (Return to top)
A. No, the Hope/Vision scholarship is only for fall and spring semesters.  Your gpa, credit hours, and choice of schools during summer semester will not affect Hope/Vision eligibility.

Q. What if I am an in-coming freshman from the five county area and I have a GPA of 2.40 but I either obtain a 3.0 or spend a total of 50 hours per semester in the CLC, will I get a scholarship my second semester? (Return to top)
A. Yes, you will get it your second semester. If so, how much will it be? Nine credits for the second semester. What if I get a 2.50 my first semester? You would have to spend the 50 hours in the CLC to get the 9 credit scholarship in your second semester.  A 2.5 GPA once you are at NJC does not allow you to receive the scholarship even if you are from the five-county area.

Q. What if I am eligible for the Hope/Vision Scholarship and I register for 15 credits the first semester and only 11 the second semester?  Since I average over 12 per semester, will I still get the scholarship the second semester? (Return to top)
A.  No.  You have to be in 12 credits each semester.  There will be no averaging across semesters.  Further, if you drop below the 12 credits during the drop/add period you forfeit the scholarship for that semester and any subsequent semesters.

Q. Does the Hope/Vision Scholarship apply to CCCOnline credits? (Return to top)
A. Yes. 
Q. If so, do I receive the Hope/Vision Scholarship at the CCCOnline rate or the NJC in-state? 
A.You will receive the scholarship at the NJC instate rate less the COF stipend amount.

Q. Does the scholarship cover remedial/preparatory classes?  (Return to top)
A. Yes.  Even though remedial courses do not count in your official transcript, NJC will evaluate those grades to calculate your eligibility for the Hope/Vision Scholarship.

Q. Does the scholarship work for non-citizens?  (Return to top)
A. No
Q. Can I graduate from high school in May, skip the fall semester at NJC, then begin attending in January – and still get the Hope/Vision Scholarship? (Return to top)
A.  No, once you make the decision not to attend for a semester, you will no longer be eligible for the Hope/Vision Scholarship.

Q.  Can I graduate from high school in December, skip the spring semester at NJC, and then begin attending the next fall and still get the Hope Scholarship? (Return to top)
A.  Yes, if you graduate high school a semester early you can wait to start NJC until the next fall.

Q.  If I graduate in December, can I earn the scholarship in January? (Return to top)
A.  Yes.

Q. As a May high school graduate, can I enter NJC in the fall, with a GPA too low to receive the Hope, raise my grades during that first semester, and then start receiving the Hope/Vision Scholarship?  (Return to top)
A. Yes- you would be eligible for one semester of the 9-hour HOPE Scholarship, and if you continued to meet requirements, you would be eligible for the four semesters of the 6-credit hour scholarship.

Q. I have always been a C student.  Do I have what it takes to go to college at NJC? (Return to top)
 A. Northeastern has seen many C students blossom into A and B students, and become very successful in life.  The Hope/Vision Scholarship is especially valuable for C students, who are usually not able to find a scholarship based on their academics.  Also, you can maintain your scholarship eligibility by attending the CLC for a total of 50 hours in a semester.

Q. If your Pell Grant pays for all tuition and fees, can you use Hope/Vision Scholarship dollars to pay for room and board? (Return to top)
A. No.

Q.  If I qualify for Hope/Vision when I begin and then mess-up one of my semesters (GPA goes down) can I get it together the next semester and then qualify for Hope/Vision again?  (Return to top)
A. Yes.  NJC recommends that you attend the CLC a total of 50 hours during the semester so that if your GPA is not sufficient, you will still be eligible for the Hope/Vision Scholarship.

Q. What if I am not admitted to NJC until the first day of classes?  (Return to top)
A. You are still eligible to receive this scholarship. However, students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission as early as possible.  

Q. What if I do not have my FAFSA filled out until sometime late in the semester?  (Return to top)
A. As long as we have a completed FAFSA in our system by the last day of classes, you would still be eligible for the NJC Hope/Vision Scholarship for that semester.
In the case that we do not receive your FAFSA until after the last day of the classes for the semester, you would still be eligible to receive the Hope/Vision scholarship during the next semester provided you had maintained met the GPA and CLC requirements.  However, there will be no retroactive awarding to previous semesters.  

Q.  Are transfer students eligible for this scholarship? (Return to top)
A.  Students must decide to attend NJC immediately after high school or they forfeit the opportunity to receive this scholarship. 

Q. How will Concurrent Enrollment credits that I earned during high school affect my eligibility for this scholarship? (Return to top)
A. Concurrent Enrollment credits will not penalize you. Even if you earned enough Concurrent Enrollment credits in high school to be considered a sophomore standing, you will receive the freshman (up to 9 credits) level award. Concurrent Enrollment credits from another college will be handled in the same manner.

Q.  Is the GPA requirement on a semester by semester basis after students arrive at college? (Return to top)
A. Yes! Cumulative GPA will not be considered. In this sense each semester is a fresh start and only the previous semester’s GPA will be considered. Again, you always have the alternative of spending a total of 50 hours in the CLC in place of the 3.0 GPA requirement too.