Academic Renewal


The Academic Renewal Policy allows former NJC students to apply for establishment of a new academic record. A student may be granted a "Academic Renewal" only once and if approved by the Academic Standards Committee and accepted by the student, the decision will be final. Call 970-521-6608 for additional information and clarification on this procedure.



1. A student who has an academic record with courses older than two (2) years from the current date is eligible for an Academic Renewal.

2. A student must have all financial and department holds cleared before a request can be honored.

3. Students can only apply for Academic Renewal once and it is not reversible.

4. A student must have completed at least 6 credit hours with 2.00 grade point average prior to an application for Academic




1. A student must submit a letter of request to NJC Records Office for an Academic Renewal.

2. The Records Office will check the student's transcript for eligibility and, if eligible, forward the request of eligible students to
 the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee for review.

3. The Academic Standards Committee will review and make recommendations for approval or denial prior to a semester pre-registration or
 registration period.

4. The NJC Records Office, after a thorough review of the student's transcript, will identify and recommend the appropriate academic term
 to declare an Academic Renewal.

5. The Records Office will compute an Academic Renewal GPA from the designated academic term and provide the student with an updated transcript.



1. The student's transcript will reflect the entire academic record and no classes will be deleted or removed. 30 hours can be excluded
 from GPA.

2. Only grades earned after the Academic Renewal will be used to compute the new cumulative grade point average.

3. Courses with a C grade or better prior to the Academic Renewal may be applied toward graduation requirements.

4. Academic Renewal will not change Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid eligibility and previous grades are subject to interpretation
 by specific Financial Aid Policy.