What kind of impact does NJC have on this part of Colorado?

These documents tell the entire story.

In March 2004 Northeastern Junior College received the results of a comprehensive study conducted by a national corporation, CCbenefits, Inc., which identifies how the college's service area's economy and the State of Colorado benefit from the presence of NJC. The results of this study are available here in several formats.

Volume 1: Main Report
This is an 87 page document largely intended for a limited audience (economists, institutional researchers, financial officers, etc.) interested in the overall transparency of the study, the assumptions used, the data imbedded in the model that generates the results and the results themselves. It takes this document a moment to upload as a .pdf so please be patient when you open it.

Volume 2: Detailed Results by Entry Level of Education,Gender and Ethnicity
This is a collection of Detailed Tables which is a tabular summary of all results broken out by entry level of education and gender (also intended for a limited audience)

Executive Summary
This is a 6 page report intended for a wide audience, written in layman's terms and includes "benefits at a glance"

Fact Sheet
This is a 1 page "super-executive" summary intended for a wide audience where the main results are presented in document form

The Taxpayer Perspectives
This is a 1 page document written in layman's terms of the differences between the "board" and "narrow" taxpayer results

CCbenefits, Inc. is a company created in collaboration with the Association of Community College Trustees(ACCT) to provide economic analysis services to two-year technical and community colleges. Question of a technical nature concerning the approach, assumptions, and.or results of this study should be directed to CCbenefits, Inc. c/o Drs. Kjell Christophersen and Hank Robison, 1150 Alturas Dr., suite 102, Moscow, ID 83843, phone: 208-882-3567, fax: 208-882-3317, email: ccbenefits@moscow.com