Family Care Clinic

The Family Care Clinic located at 615 Fairhurst Street in Sterling serves NJC students by appointment by calling (970) 521-3223. The Clinic is fully staffed and provides front line health care.

Full-time students (12+ credit hours) may be seen by staff without charge. Other minimal fees are assessed to all patients to cover the cost of materials such as strep screening, urine screening, and any lab procedures and supplies, such as braces, condoms, bandages, etc.

Counseling and Incident Reporting

NJC offers free counseling to all full-time students. If your student is struggling in a number of areas there is help available.
NJC has an Ombudsman, Mr. David Baines. He is on campus and available to listen, be an advocate, friend, mediator, supporter, and someone with great ideas to help your student transition into the college lifestyle. Have your student contact him at (970)521-6675 or to set up an appointment.
If your student feels there is an issue or situation that they would like someone to know about please encourage them to report the incident.

Emergency Notification Sign-Up

We recommend that you and your student sign-up for emergency notifications on campus. These are notifications that are sent to cell phones and emails within minutes of emergencies happening.

Substance Abuse