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May 17, 2018

Megan Troutman

Megan Troutman of Sterling, Colo. (left) receives the coveted Best Bedside Nurse Award. Ken Hazlitt of the Sterling Lion’s Club (left) makes the presentation of the engraved plaque. (Photo by Sarah Matthews, Northeastern)

May 15, 2018, Sterling, Colo. – Before a room full of family and friends, 24 students at Northeastern Junior College crossed the stage of the Dorothy J. Corsberg Theatre on Northeastern’s campus to officially become associate-degree nurses. Participating in the highly regarded, historical pinning ceremony, graduates chose a significant friend or family member to do the honors of placing the pin on their collars for this special occasion. The pinning was followed with the presentation of a symbolic yellow rose, hugs and best wishes from the nursing faculty. 

During the ceremony, Megan Troutman of Sterling, Colo. was honored with the coveted “Best Bedside Nurse” award, presented each year by the Lions Club of Sterling. This award is very special as the recipient is chosen by the nursing faculty who work with the students in the clinical setting. This individual is awarded for demonstrating the best patient care and compassion while being trained as a nurse.

The “Highest Academic Average” award, presented by the Rotary Club of Sterling, went to Ingrid Rothell of Sterling, Colo., who earned a 4.0 GPA while in the nursing program.

Ingrid Rothell

Ingrid Rothell of Sterling, Colo. (right) is honored with the Highest Academic Average Award, receiving an engraved plaque from the Sterling Rotary Club represented by Alex Wright (right) (Photo by Sarah Matthews, Northeastern)

Other graduates in the 2018 Associate Degree of Nursing include: Ashley Alonso-Holtorf of Akron, Colo., Amber Angleton of Haxtun, Colo., Chelsea Clouse of Sterling, Colo., Jessie Cochran of Sterling, Colo., Samantha Cook of Potter, Neb., Elizabeth Dalsted of Fort Morgan, Colo., Kelsy DeLarber of Morrison, Colo., Cydina Dick of Haxtun, Colo., BreeAnn Dizmang of Sterling, Colo., Sydney Fisher of Pueblo, Colo., Margarita Guerrero of Edinburg, Tex., Melissa Koehler of Fleming, Colo., MaKaya Lechman of Sterling, Colo., Sky McEndaffer of Sterling, Colo., Jamecia Nygaard of Sterling, Colo., Verenise Rivera of Sterling, Colo., Sarah Richards of Mount Vernon, Wash., Taneesha Rodriquez of Haxtun, Colo., Karissa Smith of Golden, Colo., Reagan Urioste of Loveland, Colo., Samantha Varley of Nebraska City, Neb., and Cindy Watanabe of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Try Number 3

Front row left to right: Sarah Richards, MaKaya Lechman, Samantha Cook, Taneesha Rodriques, Kelsy DeLarber, Karissa Smith
Middle row left to right: Megan Troutman, Cydina Dick, Sky McEndaffer, Jamecia Nygaard, Reagan Urioste, Sydney Fisher, Margarita Guerrero, Verenise Rivera
Back row left to right: Cindy Watanabe, Ashley Alonso-Holtorf, Ingrid Rothell, Melissa Koehler, Jessie Cochran, Amber Angleton, Samantha Varley, Elizabeth Dalsted, BreeAnn Dizmang, Chelsea Clouse
(Photo by Sarah Matthews, Northeastern)

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