September 13, 2016

On Thursday, September 8, 2016, all faculty and staff at Northeastern participated in a flag raising ceremony and aerial photos depicting the number “75” to celebrate NJC’s anniversary.  President Jay Lee said a few words commemorating NJC’s importance in the community.  Then Heather Brungardt, 75th Anniversary committee member, read a little of the history of NJC and what the flag represents, before the actual raising of the flag took place by Physical Plant Director, Tracey Knox.  All NJC employees wore their 75th Anniversary shirts with the logo that matches the new 75th logo on the flag.  This flag will be flown as the NJC flag for the entire 75th year in front of the Bank of Colorado Event Center.  This activity on the 8th was one of many events that will be planned throughout the entire school year.  A special thank you goes out to Kammy Schuppe for taking the aerial photographs via drone.  It was an exciting and proud day for all at Northeastern. 

By:  Heather Brungardt
     Northeastern Junior College (NJC) was founded in the spring of 1941 when five members of the District #12 Board of Education and the Logan County High School Committee filed articles of incorporation as private citizens.  Strong community support for a junior college was expressed at a public meeting held in March, and five local citizens were selected as the first official Board of Regents at an organizational meeting held on May 8, 1941.
     Sixty Students enrolled September 8, 1941, when classes officially opened as an extension of the public school system.  Shortly after, citizens approved a tax to support a junior college district and the school’s name was changed to Sterling Junior College.  Through the years many changes have been made, including the name again in 1950 to Northeastern Junior College.
     As we raise this flag to celebrate this college being a substantial part of this community and state for the last 75 years, please reflect on this moment in history.  For, not only are we here today as employees of this college, but we are here to represent the history, the hard work, the accreditation, the capital improvements, changes in curriculum and instruction, and we are here to represent the legend this college has become.  This campus has gone from 60 students to almost 1500 students a semester.  We have gone from one original building on 15 acres to a campus of over 24 buildings and 161 acres.
     We raise this flag today to represent the past 75 years.  We are taking the aerial photo to embody the present.  And we have gathered all of our faculty and staff together to signify our future.  Everyone here is instrumental in keeping this tradition called Northeastern moving forward for generations to come.  Thank you all for being a part of history today and for continuing to breathe life into this phenomenal institution that has been handed down to us.