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November 21, 2016

The Northeastern Junior College Faculty Senate is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2016 Faculty Senate Impact Scholarships.

     Yvette Velasquez is a non-traditional sophomore at Northeastern Junior College.  She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  While working toward that degree, she worked as a pharmacy technician to help pay for college.  A month before her graduation, she received the news that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and so as soon as she graduated she moved to Colorado to be with and care for her mom. 
     It was at this point she realized that she was more passionate about her pharmacy work than accounting.  Making the tough decision to “start over”, Yvette enrolled at NJC to complete pre-pharmacy coursework.  She anticipates graduating from NJC in May and then plans to apply to pharmacy school in Denver.  After one year of undergraduate classes there, she hopes to be a graduate student at the Anschutz Medical Campus.  Because Yvette is working toward a second degree, she is limited in the amount of financial aid she can receive so she is very thankful for the scholarship, stating “This award will go a long way – whether it is for books, supplies, or to help out with rent.”
     The second scholarship recipient is Kaitlyn Honomichl.  She is a traditional sophomore from Commerce City that will graduate in May 2017.  Kaitlyn describes herself as a “third generation farmer’s daughter.”  Kaitlyn is majoring in Agriculture and is active in the NJC Farm Bureau.  She hopes to return to the family farm after graduation and help her father expand the family farm with the technologies and ideas that she has learned in the NJC Ag program. 
     She hopes that her contributions will allow her to maintain the farm and someday be able to pass the family farm on to her children.  In addition, she hopes that her Agriculture degree will help her obtain a job at a grain elevator, seed plant, or fertilizer plant near the family farm.
     Kaitlyn is very grateful for the scholarship and said “The Impact Scholarship means a great deal to me, I can continue expanding my knowledge by continuing my education here at Northeastern Junior College.  My parents try to help me out as much as they can but it’s hard for them.  Receiving the Impact Scholarship would help me have less loans to take out and ease some of the burden off of my parents’ shoulders.”
     The Impact Scholarship was designed to be a retention scholarship for strong academic students that are struggling with the finances of attending college.  The scholarships are funded solely from dues paid by faculty members that are members of the NJC Faculty Senate.  Students are nominated by their faculty advisor and then a Faculty Senate committee reviews applications and chooses the winners.

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