January 15, 2015

Northeastern Junior College business instructors Brenda Rhodes, Ronda Monheiser and Amanda Kerker were recently featured in Techniques, the national publication of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). According to ACTE, Techniques is an award-winning magazine published eight times a year with in-depth features on education issues and programs.

Rhodes is department chair for business and cosmetology at Northeastern and teaches a number of classes in the business division; Ronda Monheiser, is a business and economics professor and Kerker is a professor of business, teaching a variety of classes and is the advisor for the college’s business club. All three of these instructors are very accomplished in the classroom, as academic advisors to students,  and are leaders when it comes to offering online classes as well. They are innovative and committed to finding ways to keep students engaged in the learning environment, always experimenting with new techniques and applications.

Rhodes was contacted after she and Monheiser presented at the national ACTE Vision 2013 Conference. Their workshop on engaging students in the classroom was well-received and a favorite among attendees. The duo, along with Kerker, also presented at organization’s 2014 national conference held in Nashville. Their workshop on engaging students in the classroom was chosen to be part of the Virtual Vision 2014 which gives all ACTE members access to view the workshop.

The article in the January issue of Techniques highlights some of the activities that are used throughout the semester in the business department at Northeastern to keep students on track and on task. As students become more technology oriented, their expectation is that classes are not just the traditional lecture class that was once the norm in a college setting. This trend has been recognized by the leadership at Northeastern and in a large way, supports the current movement to become an iPad college.

Rhodes also currently serves as the president for Colorado ACTE. The organization has approximately 800 members across the state. She is actively involved in the yearly activities of the state association, as well as involved on the national level.

According to Rhodes, “Having our ideas published is very gratifying. We all enjoy our jobs and want to provide the best education possible for our students.”