Northeastern Junior College
June 16, 2014

Merino graduate Anna Kindvall examining colors with a group of young children. Students in the Scientist for a Day class for grades 3-6 taught by Jenny Smock this week as part of Northeastern’s Kids College programming spent an hour and a half doing back to back hands-on experiments related to earth, physical and life science.  From making rockets out of tea bags to witnessing the magic of pencils being pushed through a baggie full of water with no leakage, students learned about how things take up space and how heat can influence movement. Several class assistants  were on hand to help Smock do the experiments with the children. During an electrical current activitie that finished out the class, the children used circuits and batteries to see how energy can flow, lights can come on, things can spin.  Anna Kindvall, a recent NJC graduate from Merino, helps her student group do an experiment where they clearly demonstrate that when all colors are mixed together, the outcome is white. The students colored multiple sections on round paper disks and then put them on a tool to spin them so fast that the only color they could see was white.   A number of Kids College classes are still being offered in June and July. To see the list, including dates and prices, visit
(Courtesy Photo)

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