April 8, 2014

Registration for Fall 2014 classes at Northeastern opens to the general public on Monday, April 28th. The college has announced its fall registration dates and is inviting new students who plan to enroll to book a time to be on campus and get their academic advising and class schedule in place.

The first registration day will be Friday, April 25th. This is a date typically reserved for Logan County residents although anyone may sign up for this first public offering of classes.

Other registration dates happening this summer include: Wednesday, May 21, Friday, May 30, Monday, June 9, Saturday, June 21, Friday, July 18th and Monday, August 4th.  You’ll note that there is only one Saturday date offered during the summer, however this date is available for those students who indicate they cannot come during a weekday for various reasons.  The registration process begins at 8:30 a.m. on each of these dates.

During a registration date, students meet with an academic advisor and set up their class schedule. They also have an opportunity to verify their housing plans if necessary and get updates on the status of their financial aid. Students who need to take the Accuplacer test are offered an opportunity to do this as well.  There is a math refresher course available online if a student chooses to brush up on math before taking their Accuplacer test which determines what level of classes you are able to take at the college level.  Call the admission office and ask for details regarding the online math refresher course.

Colorado High School students are asked to bring their ICAP from high school with them to their advising session.

College tours are offered on registration days for those who haven’t yet seen the campus.

Students need to register for a specific registration day prior to showing up on campus. Registration should be done at the following website:  http: www.njc.edu/register