September 17, 2013

With the continuation of a no flush and no food service order by the City of Sterling and the Northeast Colorado Health Department, Northeastern Junior College today made the decision to close the campus for the remainder of this week. Officials have been unable to say when these orders will be lifted.

The college fully plans to open on Monday, September 23rd  for business as usual. However students, parents, employees are asked to refer to the college’s website ( or to its Facebook page (Northeastern Junior College) for updates. The college will post an update regarding Monday’s opening  by noon on Sunday. If orders on essential services have not been lifted, the college will remain closed until at which time they are lifted.  All activities and events on campus have been cancelled until the college officially reopens.  This includes the athletic games and the concert which was scheduled to take place this Friday night, sponsored by a church in Merino. It will be up to the church to determine if it wants to move the location of this event.

The college stresses that it is closed, but it is not evacuated. It remains dry and did not experience any floor water on the grounds. There are still a few students remaining on campus in the halls who are unable to be go home for various reasons.  Essential college staff are reporting to campus daily and are making certain these students are cared for, including making sure they have access to food in their residence locations, and soon providing transportation and arrangements for alternative, out of town locations for them to go to bathe and clean up.  All other students were instructed today to go home if the route there is open and safe. If they cannot go to their own home, they were encouraged to go to the homes of relatives or friends where food and water services are operational.  Administration met with approximately 150 students remaining on campus today during a brunch meal served.  Students choosing to leave were given directions on which highway routes are open for them to take to leave the community and access the main highways.  An inventory was taken of the students at the brunch, asking those who would be leaving campus for indication of where they would be going and contact information for someone at that location. Students were very resilient of the inconvenience, many offering to carpool and transport others to their locations.

This situation is a huge inconvenience for everyone involved. At this time, power and running water remain on, however nothing is to be dumped into the sewer system, making it impossible to shower, do laundry, run a kitchen and flush toilets.  Port-a-potties are now on campus, located adjacent to each residence hall. These same facilities are being used by the staff who are on campus as well.

Please continue to check the NJC website or Facebook page for details and to verify over the weekend that we will be open on Monday as planned.