February 12, 2013

March 1 is the deadline to participate

If you are an  alumni of Northeastern Junior College and if you had any interest in the arts at all during your time on campus, you will be familiar with the New Voices art and literature magazine that has been published by the humanities--now liberal arts-- department on campus. Year after year it has been released late in the spring, showcasing the work of current students—packed with their best creative submissions. For many NJC students, this magazine might be their first, and only time to be published. A copy of an old issue may be tucked away in your cedar chest or old metal locker for safe keeping.

In 2013, the liberal arts department has decided to publish an alumni issue of New Voices. Someone asked if it shouldn’t be called Old Voices—since alumni implies you’re older now. Actually, this 2013 issue will feature work from alumni, as well as some creations from current NJC students.

If you are a former or current NJC artist, poet, photographer or writer, the college would like you to participate. 

Submissions will be accepted from alumni, faculty, and current NJC students including photography, artwork (photos of artwork as well) , poetry, short stories, lyrics, and essays through March 1, 2013. Digital submissions should be sent to  Emily.Vines@njc.edu. For more information call  Vines at (970)-521-6710.