February 4, 2013

Students at Sterling site have chance at $1,000 NJC scholarship

The annual College Goal Sunday event, a day when families can receive free professional guidance on how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Air (FAFSA) is scheduled for Sunday, February 10th at Northeastern College of Sterling.  The service will be offered from 1 to 3 p.m. with representatives from the admissions and financial aid areas offering the complimentary service to area families. It does not matter which college you plan to attend, the NJC personnel will help you regardless. You’ll find the College Goal help in Phillips Whyman Hall, Room 14, on campus this Sunday afternoon.

This year, an IRS data-retrieval tool is part of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid - also known as FAFSA. When applying for aid for the upcoming fall semester, students must have their 2012 taxes completed and filed to use this tool. Misti Ruthven, with the Colorado Department of Education, says a copy of a tax return can no longer be given to colleges and universities as part of the FAFSA application.

The FAFSA must be completed for a student to receive any type of financial aid, including grants, work study, student loans and even many scholarships. Students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA as close to the first of the year to receive as much financial aid as possible.

To complete the FAFSA, families are encouraged to bring social security numbers, driver's license number (if any),  2012 W-2 Forms and other records of money earned;  2012 untaxed income records - Social Security, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, welfare, or veterans benefits records; your 2012 bank statements;  2012 business and investment mortgage information, business and farm records, stock, bond, and other investment records; and your alien registration card (if you are not a U.S. citizen). You will be directed as to how you use the IRS data-retrieval tool.  If possible, those planning to utilize the Sunday service are asked to go online and register for a Personal Identification Number or PIN at www.pin.ed.gov . This will allow you to electronically sign your FAFSA for faster processing.

For local College Goal Sunday information, call 521-6800 or contact Alice Weingardt at alice.weingardt@njc.edu or Andria Monheiser at andria.monheiser@njc.edu.