August 16, 2013

Newly poured concrete on campus. Among the last minute improvements being made on the Northeastern Junior College campus before students start moving in on Saturday, August 17th is a much needed revamping of the concrete formations in the front of the Bank of Colorado Event Center. When the building was built, the landscape plan called for an interesting formation that combined diagonal concrete sidewalks with blocks of grass and space for trees to be planted. These smaller grass blocks have always been a problem as much of the foot traffic attending events at the venue and students who pass through the area every day, choose to walk across these areas instead of around them. Some of these grass areas have been places where water pooled resulting in ice in winter and mud in the warmer months. Yost Construction has been on campus this week pouring new concrete into these areas that were previously grass. One of the lower areas that always retained water and was fondly referred to by many as “the duck pond” is now level concrete. The new concrete sections poured feature a slightly different color, adding an improved look and feel to the area.  (Courtesy Photo)

Ground preparations before pouring concrete.