September 11, 2012

Work of former instructor John Cross now on display

An oil painting by John Cross from his Road Poems collection. Northeastern Junior College’s first gallery exhibition of the Fall 2012 semester, now on display, features the work of former NJC art instructor John Cross. Coming back to share his recent work in and exhibit entitled Road Poems,  John explores how distance affects us and what we see and find along the way of our journey. 

John labels himself as an image-maker who looks to history, science, philosophy, technology, pop culture and the mundane for inspiration.  His work is seldom planned in its entirety, rather allowing the concept to develop at an equal pace with the process of his art.  Each work is individual with a unique personality that is open to viewer interaction and interpretation.  In Road Poems John merges the techniques of traditional oil painting with the innovative surface of aluminum and galvanized steel to produce an intriguing contrast between paint and surface. In this series John utilizes birds to symbolize both himself and his wife as they dealt with distance separating them from one another in years past.

Former NJC Art instructor John Cross. The show is open for daily viewing through September 20th 2012 with a closing reception for guests and the artist held Thursday September 20th from  4-5 p.m. Attendees will enjoy refreshments provides by NJC and a brief talk and question and answer by the artist.

For any further questions regarding the exhibition or upcoming gallery events please contact Emily Vines  by phone at 970-521-6710 or by email at