September 11, 2012

Students at a previous star party scanning the night sky. The Northeastern Junior College’s Math, Science and Outdoor Club will host the annual  Fall Star Party this weekend,  Saturday,  September 15th,  at the west end of the Chimney View Campground at North Sterling State Park.  Clear skies are predicted for the weekend, but check the sky before you drive. If there would be extensive overcast, the event will be rescheduled.

There is a $7.00 per vehicle entrance fee to the park.  NJC encourages people to carpool to the event and recommends that you arrive by 7:45 p.m. The college will set up a couple of high end telescopes which will give you an opportunity to really see into the night sky, looking at various stars and planets.
Families are encouraged to bring their children and participate in this outing. Dress warm for the cold night air.