July 18, 2012

Mabel Weber  (right) of Otis, CO accepts the 2012 Agriculture Business Management Award  from Northeastern ag professor and ABM instructor Kala Doane.

Sterling, CO--During the 43rd Annual Ag and Tech Awards banquet held at the end of the school year at Northeastern Junior College, a number of students from all over the state received recognition. The event was attended by more than 200 agriculture students, faculty, staff and special guests who were on hand to honor those who received awards. A special guest at the banquet was Jack Annan who has attended 41 of the 43 award banquets held. Annan worked for many years as an admissions counselor at Northeastern and is currently the executive director of the college’s alumni association.

Each year the agriculture and technical education department recognizes students for earning scholarship awards and for being at the top academically in their specific program of study or extracurricular endeavors.  Among those receiving awards in 2012 were Mabel Weber of Otis who was named the top Agriculture Business Management Student of the Year. Northeastern offers nine certificates in its Agriculture Business Management(ABM) program which includes classes taught out in the field, usually at the home operation of the student. Weber has completed six of the certificates to date. She has a small agriculture operation where she raises calves, chickens and other poultry. She previously had a dog business and currently owns several rental houses in addition to her small livestock activities. She works part-time as a bus driver and occasionally does homecare for the elderly in her area. She has five children, 11 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Weber is nearing retirement and has been working diligently to lead herself and her family into the future. Through her ABM training, she has developed many skills and habits related to record keeping, financial awareness, an understanding of legal issues, risk management and goal setting. ,

Sponsors of this year’s banquet included: Cargill, Colorado Community Bank, Northeast Agri-Services and Sonnenberg Agency.

Northeastern Junior College is the largest residential two-year college in Colorado. It offers a comprehensive agriculture curriculum in career, technical and transfer degree programs and is considered one of the largest ag schools in this region.

Mabel Weber  (right) of Otis, CO accepts the 2012 Agriculture Business Management Award  from Northeastern ag professor and ABM instructor Kala Doane.  Courtesy Photo