July 18, 2011

In late June sixteen Northeastern Junior College Health Occupation Students  of America (HOSA) students and two chaperones departed Sterling to travel to the 34th Annual HOSA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. The theme of the conference was “We are HOSA: Future Health Professionals”. The conference provides students the opportunity to gain expert knowledge about health care careers and issues, attend leadership training sessions, participate in hands-on workshops, network with thousands of students who share similar passions, and compete in competitive events.

At the national meeting, there was an opportunity for the students to hear prominent speakers on health subjects such as Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General of the US Public Health Service. She talked about her goal to promote, protect, and advance the health of American people. HOSA has even developed an Office of the Surgeon General Internship for students interested in public service and observing firsthand the issues and concerns of this career.  HOSA also offers students an opportunity to attend the Annual Washington Leadership Academy to build awareness for HOSA in Washington D.C. and advocate health concerns with national and state government leaders and officials. These opportunities allow students to achieve success and gain confidence in the educational pathway toward their health profession or career. With over 150,000 members nationally, HOSA plays an important role in influencing America’s health professions by providing and maintaining a strong pipeline foundation for our growing health care demands in this country. HOSA looks forward to watching its members enter the healthcare workforce and shaping the healthcare industry. The conference also helps bring new energy to state and local chapters.

At this year’s conference there were 6500 in attendance and 4700 competitors. HOSA national competition includes a total of 55 events separated into six categories of competition:  Health Science events consist of a written test only about knowledge in certain health areas; Health Professions consist of a written test and skills in certain  health professions; Emergency Preparedness events consist of a written test and skills in emergency related professions and organizations; Leadership events consist of demonstration of professional abilities and talents related to the health issues and professions; Teamwork events consist of  a written test and then demonstration of teamwork to show knowledge, complete an assignment or project related to health issues; Recognition events consist of personal and professional accomplishments  that meet a certain level of professional standards in a health related project.

The NJC students attending and their events and accomplishments are as follows: Kelsey Hummel – Medical Terminology, Keegan Fuller/Victoria Vorwald-CPR/FA, Kyleigh Holloway/Kayla  Sherman-CPR/FA,  Julia Cucarola-Job Seeking Skills, Danielle Schroeder-Medical Photography, Amanda Rogers-Medical Photography, Tessa Gareis-Extemporaneous Writing, Brooke Appelhans/Brooke Gockley-Health Education, Nela Karg/Peyton Stahla-Health Education, Emily Benson/Taylor Grauberger/Kyle Klinzmann-Creative Problem Solving (placed in the top 10 for the second year in a row).  Kyleigh Holloway was recognized for her National HOSA Week submission and Peyton Stahla was recognized for her Outstanding HOSA Chapter submission (Chapter Scrapbook). Attending the conference with the students was Health Science Instructor/ HOSA Advisor Joleen Rinaldo and chaperone Sylvia Wilkins.