March 19, 2007

     At the recent 13th Annual Hoops Homecoming hosted by Northeastern Junior College, Hubert Herboldsheimer and Judy Giacomini were honored by receiving the Service Award presented by the Alumni Association.  This award is given to an active member of the Alumni Association each year who has demonstrated outstanding service toward the goals and accomplishments of the Association through significant contributions of time and work. 

        Judy Giacomini was born and raised in Fort Morgan, Colorado and graduated there in 1969.  She enrolled at Northeastern Junior College that fall.  She graduated from NJC with an associate’s of arts degree in 1971 and  transferred to the University of Northern Colorado and earned the bachelor’s of arts degree in 1973.  From 1974 to 1980 she was a K-12 Counselor, Art Program Coordinator and Instructor in the Prairie School System in New Raymer, Colorado.  The following year she was a graduate assistant in the Student Services Division at the University of Northern Colorado and earned the Master of Arts in Counseling in 1981.  Her career at Northeastern Junior College began in 1981 as a Counselor and served in that capacity until 1989.  From 1989 to 2000 she was the Director of Counseling and Assessment Services at the college.  The following year she assumed the position of Dean of Students.  Since 2001 to the present she has served as Vice President of Student Services.  In addition, from 2004 to 2006 she also was the Interim Chief Administrative Officer for the college.  Throughout her employment at the college, Judy has been an outstanding supporter of the Northeastern Junior College Alumni Association.

        Judy has been recognized by numerous professional development organizations and groups.  In 1984, she participated in the League of Innovation Leadership for Women in Community Colleges.  She was selected to be involved in the Colorado State University sponsored Women in Higher Education Leadership Development Program in 1989.  In 1990, she was honored with the Pathfinder Award by the Northeastern Junior College Alumni Association.  The Colorado Counseling Association selected her as the recipient of the Colorado Post-Secondary School Counselor of the year Award in 1992.  In 1993, she was a participant in the yearlong Colorado Academic Management Program.

        In addition, she has been involved in many community activities and professional organizations.  She is the Progressive 15 Board Logan County Representative, Logan County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Chair, Sterling Rotary Club Scholarship Committee Chair, a member of the Colorado Rural Consortium Workforce Development Board Representing Higher Education and a member of the Eastern Colorado Workforce Development Board of Directors.  Judy is a member of Student Affairs in Higher Education, Association of Student Judicial Affairs, Colorado Student Personnel Association, Northeastern Counselor’s Association and a Life Member of the Northeastern Junior College Alumni Association.

        Judy is married to Ted Giacomini, who is a graduate of Northeastern Junior College and is a Life Member of the Alumni Association.  He earned the Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture at Colorado State University. He is a farmer and rancher north of Sterling.  They have two daughters – Kelli who is a Colorado State University graduated and a Computer Programmer and Darci who is a freshman at Colorado State University.

     Hubert Herboldsheimer was born on March 10, 1912 and raised near Potter, Nebraska.  He graduated from high school in 1929 and attended Nebraska Westlyn College in Lincoln, Nebraska for one year. He then returned home and began farming.  He and his wife Luella were married in 1936 and celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last October.  They have two sons, two daughters, ten grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. 

        In 1939 they bought two sections of land Northeast of Peetz, Colorado.  There were no fences or improvements on the land.  They bought an old house for $260 and moved it 35 miles with two tractors and a truck.  They drilled a water well that pumped three quarts a minute.  Their first wheat crop made seven bushels per acre and brought 50 cents a bushel.  They bought 600 ewes and the lambs eventually paid for the farm.   Hubert and Luella sold the sheep and started a cow-calf operation in 1958.  Hubert was the first farmer in the area to utilize diagonal strip cropping on his wheat land.

        Over the years, the Herboldsheimers have enjoyed traveling.  They have visited all 50 states and all but two of the provinces in Canada.  They are active members of the Peetz Methodist Church.  Hubert was named a member of the first Pest Control District when it was formed.

        Hubert has many fond memories of the years when he was associated with Northeastern Junior College and counts them as what he says “were the best time of my life!  I worked with so many wonderful people that I never would have met otherwise.”  Hubert served nine years as a member of the NJC Foundation.  He was also elected to serve on the College Board of Trustees from 1968 to 1977.

        Shortly after he completed his term on the Board, North Residence Hall was renamed Herboldsheimer Hall.  Over the years, the building has been affectionately referred to as “Herbie Hall” by students and others.

        In the past few years, Hubert has attended an annual spring fling event on campus at his hall called “Herbie Goes Bananas!”  The event includes the building and eating of a 20 feet long banana split.  Each year he is presented with a special “Herbie Goes Bananas” shirt and he’s given an opportunity to share with some of the students what his responsibilities were at the college when he was a trustee. He has given these later generations an appreciation for what his volunteer leadership has meant to NJC.