October 27, 2006

When Hubert and Luella Herboldsheimer celebrated their 70th anniversary this October, the event didn’t go unnoticed. Among the celebrating to take place was the delivery of good wishes from Northeastern Junior College. More than 50 student residents who live in Herboldsheimer Hall, fondly referred to as “Herbie Hall” signed an anniversary card and then hand-delivered it to the couple.

Over the years, Mr. Herboldsheimer, now age 94, who served for many years on the college’s board of trustees, has been invited to return to campus and take an active role in events happening at the hall that bears his namesake. In recent years, he has graciously shown up to be a master of ceremonies for Herbie Goes Bananas, a annual spring fling event on campus that includes the building and eating of a 20 foot long banana split. He has shared with some of the students over the years what was happening at the college during his time as a trustee, giving these later generations an appreciation for what his volunteer leadership has meant to Northeastern.

Two resident assistants from Herbie Hall, Mike Pfeifer of Arvada and Oliver Sears of Timnath, accompanied by NJC’s Jack Annan, stopped by Devonshire Acres to deliver the anniversary card to Herboldsheimers. While Luella was not there when the students showed up, they were assured by Mr. Herboldsheimer that his lifetime bride would see and read the card later. Herboldsheimer was recuperating at Devonshire Acres but was expecting to return home shortly.

 During their time with him, Pfeifer and Sears asked some questions about what Herboldsheimer’s role had been as a college trustee and asked him what some of the things were that he was responsible for back in 1968-1977 when he was on the college board. With a memory as sharp as a tack, Herboldsheimer shared several stories from the past. He reflected on his service to NJC as being an honor and  told them about a time during the late 1960s when several parents had pointed out that the mattresses in Dowis Hall were in really poor shape. The dean of students approached the board of trustees asking for money for new mattresses.

 “The board and the college’s business manager agreed to spend some money and so Luella and I went out and shopped around and bought new mattresses for the beds and made sure they were delivered and put in the rooms,” Herboldsheimer remembers. “That’s the kind of things some of us used to do for the college.”