Blair House for students. NJC has entered into a lease agreement with the owners of the Historic Blair Estate in Sterling. This is a 100 year old historic estate, fully remodeled w/3 full bathrooms and a new kitchen located 1.5 miles away from the main campus.

The house will hold 12 female students and is located approximately a mile and a half from campus, so transportation would be necessary to get back and forth from campus. Since this is an off campus house with a full kitchen, students would not be required to purchase a meal plan through NJC, but could do so if desired. 

The housing cost of this option will be on par with Blue Spruce pricing which is at $1,933/semester.  Also, while this house will provide more freedom than on campus living, the NJC Student Handbook still applies as this will be an NJC provided living option and while under lease considered NJC Property.

There is limited amount of space and beds in this house will go to the first people interested and willing to commit to this option.  If you are interested or have questions about this option, please notify the housing office ASAP at 970-521-6608 or to