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Agriculture Resources: 
Links to breeds, diseases, management and production of farm animals, horticulture, soil classification and sustainable agriculture sites. In addition, full-text articles from the online version of the Journal of Animal Science can be accessed.

AllData-Auto Tech Online Database:
The world's most comprehensive resource for automotive diagnostic and repair information.

Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection: 
More than 50 historical Colorado newspapers, representing 23 city and 18 county newspapers, dating from 1859 to 1923, have been digitized and stored in this full page image database. This collection may be accessed free of charge. Users can search for events in all 51 newspapers at the same time and compare coverage of events.

Creating Bibliographies:
Citing Online Books MLA Style, Citing Online Books APA Style, MLA Citation StyleAPA Citation Style

Criminal Justice Resources:
Links to corrections, courts, forensics, juvenile justice, victim assistance, etc.

Math & Science Resources:
Links to math and science sites.

Medical Resources:
Links to general health and medical sites.

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