What is Book Buyback?

Book Buyback

Many students find they don't need their books after the course is completed. Buyback is your opportunity to sell your books back to us. What other item can you buy new or used, use for a couple of months, and then sell back to a store when you're done with it?

When is Book Buyback?

Buyback typically occurs at the end of the term. The earlier you sell your books back, the more they'll be worth and the more likely it is that we will buy them. Current semester Buyback dates are shown on our What's New page!

Why should I sell my books during Book Buyback?

It's instant cash! Buyback is the best time to get top dollar for your books. What if I bought them somewhere else? No matter where you bought them, we'll buy them back!

How do you determine the value of my books?

The price we offer is based on its future value. A book is more valuable if our professor has selected it for the next term and if it's in saleable condition. Demand for the book, current edition status and the number of copies we already have in stock also determines the value.

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