About the NJC Bookstore

The Northeastern Junior College Bookstore is an integral part of the academic community. It is a unique department, in that it has the opportunity and responsibility to serve every student, faculty and staff member of NJC. Its services are intricately woven into many projects, activities and programs of every college, department, and constituency at the college. As a window into the college, it must welcome visitors with sincerity, and reflect the image and true mission of NJC. It is a people business with far reaching effects at times so subtle as to be hardly noticed, and frequently taken for granted. The NJC Bookstore has been serving the academic and professional needs of NJC for over 50 years. With our passion for excellence we share the following commitment.

Our Mission

The NJC Bookstore is a self-supporting, auxiliary enterprise, owned and operated by Northeastern Junior College. Located in the Hays Student Center, the NJC Bookstore exists to serve the college community by delivering service, products, and educational opportunities in an environment that reflects the excellence of Northeastern Junior College and supports its mission in a financially responsible manner. The staff of the NJC Bookstore, comprised of dedicated individuals operating as a team, is committed to providing exemplary service to all customers.

The NJC Bookstore is an integral part of Northeastern Junior College. We endeavor to connect the many complex facets of this growing college through our commitment to its people. We strive to enhance the quality of life and broaden the learning experience of the NJC community.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to consistently surpass the expectations of our customers. The NJC Bookstore staff shall strive to effectively and efficiently anticipate and deliver superb service.

Faculty - Realizing the unique needs of faculty as clients of the store as well as customers, we continue to expand services to support those special needs. Every request will be met with a sincere effort to comply.

Students - As the campus store, we shall seek input and anticipate the needs of our students, both personal and academic. We shall strive to offer a wide variety of merchandize and services at reasonable and fair prices.
Staff - NJC Bookstore will continue to offer a selection of products meeting staff requirements. In addition, we recognize that special attention must be given to those services that will enhance staff productivity.

Alumni - The NJC Bookstore annually participates in alumni activities on campus. As always, we will respond to any request and will look for ways to stay in touch.

Visitors - As a window into the college, NJC Bookstore shall reflect the image of Northeastern Junior College as the college with the leading two year transfer record in Colorado as well as one of the nations top ten Associate Degree producers of Agricultural Business & Production. We shall continue to sincerely, and with care, offer information, service and merchandize to the many prospective visitors who have granted us a visit.


We shall continually strive to anticipate the products needed by our customers. Our merchandize mix shall reflect the academic environment and mission of our college, while balancing selection, price, quality, and value. As caretakers of the college assets, we will continually evaluate the way in which we care for the property, merchandize and monetary resources entrusted to us. Knowing the importance of our financial decisions, we shall consistently strive to balance service, price, and profit.