The Northeastern Junior College Alumni Association is honored to have established the “PRIDE IN ASSOCIATION AWARD”. It is awarded annually to a family or individual who has provided support, dedication and loyalty to the college over the years. It is presented to the recipient during the annual commencement exercises held at Northeastern Junior College each May. Nominations are accepted for the award each year in January, and the winner of the award is selected by the Alumni Association at its Spring Board of Directors Meeting. The President of the Northeastern Junior College Alumni Association typically makes remarks about the family and its history with the college and presents the awards which include an engraved plaque for the family to keep, and a larger plaque that bears the names of all winners that goes on display in the Hays Student Center year round.

Following is a collection of all the write ups, as they appeared since 2002. You’ll notice that the stories become longer over the years. It has been our pleasure to tell our commencement audiences about the beautiful and long‐standing relationship Northeastern Junior College has with these families. You can also view the entire collection here.

2015 Tom and Traudi Torres Family

Download the 2015 article here.

2014 Albert and Marjorie Zink Family

Download the 2014 article here.

2013 Harold and Mary Ann Carlson Family

Download the 2013 article here.

2012 Herman and Linda Gerk Family

Download the 2012 article here.

2011 The Krause and Cronk Family

Download the 2011 article here.

2010 Roy and Ann Edwards Family

Download the 2010 article here.

2009 Lewis and Graviela Delgado Family

Download the 2009 article here.

2008 Harry and Mary Heinz Family

Download the 2008 article here.

2007 Keith and Nell Propst Family

Download the 2007 article here.

2006 Herman Schneider Family

Download the 2006 article here.

2005 Stephen A. Breindenback Family

Download the 2005 article here.

2004 Joh Ed and Mary Weibers Family

Download the 2004 article here.

2003 Dave and Alice Yahn Family

Download the 2003 article here.

2002 Joe and Corinne Gerk Family

Download the 2002 article here.