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Your academic advisor depends largely on your area of study. If you are undecided, the Student Success Center can help.

You and Your Faculty Advisor

Students have an assigned faculty advisor to assist in the development of meaningful educational plans while at NJC. Students are required to meet with an advisor the first day of the semester.

Transfer information for Colorado Colleges

Looking for information on transferring? Our Transfer section has links to the college offices and contacts at various institutions. Visit the Transfer Info section here.

If you have questions about the Advising process at NJC, contact:
Student Success

When to see your advisor

Why you have an advisor

How to see an advisor

What courses should I take?

What programs does Northeastern offer?

Transfer Information

Where can I go if I am struggling in a class or if I need help with Accuplacer?

What if I have a quick question about advising?

What does my academic standing mean?

How do I know what my academic standing is?

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