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Accuplacer Testing

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What is the Accuplacer?

Accuplacer is a nationally recognized placement test used to measure your skills in Reading, English and Math. Your test results will tell you whether you may enroll in College level courses, such as English Composition I or College Algebra, or whether you need to complete one or two semesters of preparatory course work to develop additional skills before enrolling in the College level courses.

Could I be exempt from testing?

Students exempt from testing include those who:

How much does the Accuplacer cost?

There is a $15 fee for taking the complete Accuplacer test. If the entire test is not needed, there is a $5 dollar fee per subject test area (reading, writing, math). After the initial test has been paid for and taken, a student can retest two additional times for free during the testing semester.

How do I schedule a test?

To schedule a time to take the Accuplacer test, please call 970.521.6663.  Accuplacer testing is provided in the Counseling and Advising office.

What do I need to bring with me?

A picture ID must be presented before any student will be allowed to take the Accuplacer test. 

How often may I take the Accuplacer test?

A student is only permitted to test three times for placement in any given semester. A student will not be allowed to take the test more than one time in a day. Testing for one semester may occur in the previous semester (ie testing in the summer for placement in the fall. This will count as a testing opportunity for the fall semester). The cut-off testing deadline for placement during a current semester is the latest withdraw date for classes during that term.

What courses will I enroll in after I get my test results?

Course descriptions for each of the courses listed below are available in the NJC College Catalog.

Your score in Sentence Skills:

< 25 Contact Comprehensive Learning Center

25-49 ENG 030 Basic Writing Skills: (3 Credits) This course will focus on sentence and basic paragraph structure and development. Students will review grammar, usage and punctuation.  

50-69 ENG 060 Writing Fundamentals: (3 Credits) This course will focus on paragraph structure and development and will introduce the formal essay. Students will review and improve grammar, usage, and punctuation skills while employing critical thinking strategies and the writing process.

70-94 ENG 090 Basic Composition: (3 Credits) This course will emphasize critical thinking as students explore writing for specific purposes and audiences. Students will develop skills for college-level writing while reviewing paragraph structure and focusing on essay development.

95-120 ENG 121 English Composition I:
(3 Credits) Emphasizes the planning, writing, and revising of compositions, including the development of critical and logical thinking skills. Includes a minimum of 5 compositions that stress analytical, evaluative, persuasive and argumentative writing. This is a General Education Core Course.

Your score in Reading Comprehension Skills

<25 Contact Comprehensive Learning Center

25-39 REA 030 Basic Reading Skills

25-39 REA 030 Basic Reading Skills (3 credits) This is a first-level reading course that provides intensive review of basic reading and word skills.

40-61 REA 060 Foundations of Reading (3 credits) The student will learn strategies for vocabulary development, improved reading comprehension, and enrichment.

62-79 REA 090 College Prep. Reading (3 credits) The student will apply strategies for improving comprehension, developing vocabulary, and increasing reading rate for college textbooks.

80-120 REA 130 College Reading (2 credits)  Advanced reading and comprehension skills for a variety of academic and problem solving tasks are emphasized.


Your score in Mathematics Skills

<24 Contact Comprehensive Learning Center

24-56 (Arithmetic test) MAT 030 Fundamentals of Math
(2 credits) This course covers whole numbers, decimals, measurement, area, perimeter, integers, fractions, and mixed numbers.

>=57 (Arithmetic test) and < 45 (Elementary Algebra Test) MAT 060 Pre-Algebra (3 credits) This course reviews whole numbers, decimals, measurements, fractions, and mixed numbers. It also emphasizes ratio, proportion, percent, integers, and algebraic expressions.

45-60 (Elementary Algebra test) MAT 090 Introductory Algebra (4 credits) This course reviews integers and emphasizes algebraic expressions, first-degree equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, coordinate geometry, linear systems and radical expressions.

61-84 (Elementary Algebra test) MAT 099 Survey of Algebra (4 credits) This course emphasizes problem solving with further study of equations, slope, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, quadratic equations, rational expressions, rational exponents, radical expressions, graphing and applications.

85-120 (Elementary Algebra test)
MAT 120 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts*
MAT 121 College Algebra*
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics*
MAT 155 Integrated Math I
MAT 156 Integrated Math II*
*These classes may have additional pre-requisites or entrance requirements.

Pre-requisites must be met before registering for any of these classes.

Academic Success Courses

AAA 109 Advanced Academic Achievement
Students will examine theories and practices associated with successful learning and adopt those that enhance their college success. Critical areas for study include education and career planning, effective communication, personal management, critical and creative thinking, development of community, awareness of diversity, leadership and techniques for successful academic performance. This course is recommended for new and returning students.

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